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Police: 10 dead including retired police officer working security at mass shooting at Tops in Buffalo

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Police take the teen who allegedly shot and killed 10 into custody. This image was captured on the social media app, SnapChat.


Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said a racially motivated hate crime resulted in 10 people being shot dead at the Jefferson Avenue Tops supermarket on Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

Police said of the 13 shot, 11 were African Americans and one is a retired police officer. The person who allegedly did the shooting was an 18-year-old white male and was taken into custody by police while he appeared to be trying to commit suicide.

Police confirmed the shooting was livestreamed on social media by the shooter and a racial saying was painted on his weapon.

Police said, “There are certain pieces of evidence that indicate racial animosity. We have evidence in custody that shows a racial component.”

Gramaglia said “at 2:20 p.m. (the shooter who was) from hours away, drove to the Tops supermarket on Jefferson, he was heavy armed with tactical gear and weapons and livestreamed (the shooting).”

Gramaglia said the teen shot four people in the parking lot and three are dead.

He then went in the store where the security guard, a retired Buffalo Police Officer, was working. The retired police officer shot but the tactical gear prevented the shooter from being injured. The teen then shot and killed the police officer, his fifth victim.

The shooter went inside, shot seven more people and killed five.

A screen shot of his livestream as he killed 10 in Buffalo.

“He put the gun to his neck, but police talked him out of it,” Gramaglia said.

Police then took him into custody.

Police said a total of four Tops employees are dead.

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