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Did you see the lunar eclipse last night ?

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Wellsville’s John Dolan was able to stay awake for the “celestial ball”

By Andrew Harris

I tried, I really did, and I know I wasn’t alone in failing. As the eclipse began at about ten o’clock last night I was ready. The toads were trilling, a barred owl was hooting, and I could see the rare event begin. Described as the, “Super Blood Flower Moon,’ this eclipse didn’t disappoint, but I couldn’t stay awake for the “blood” part.

Dolan was ready and explains he captured this sequence and explained:

“Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse sequence starting with the full moon minutes before the eclipse started and the last photo is the first few minutes after total occlusion. No tripod used, with my resurrected Panasonic Lumix camera.”

Below is how the event unfolded in four great pictures.

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