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Borrello withdraws endorsement of Chris Jacobs for the 23rd Congressional District

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The NY State Senator announced his support for Jacobs on May 22

Jacobs support for a federal assault weapons ban creates huge backlash

By Andrew Harris

Ten days ago, sitting Congressman Chris Jacobs was well on his way to being nominated as the Republican candidate for the “new” 23rd Congressional District seat in the US House of Representatives.

NY State Senator George Borrello announced his support for Jacobs bid, bowing out of a race that he was considering himself not long ago. On May 11, we reported his interest in running for the US Congress:

Senator Borrello, along with other potential candidates seemed to coalesce around Jacobs after the new district, which includes much of Jacobs current 27th Congressional district, was finalized by the NYS Supreme Court.

Early this week, in response to the mass shootings in Buffalo and then Uvalde TX, Jacobs apparently changed his longstanding, NRA-approved position on a federal assault weapons ban:

“If an assault weapons ban bill came to the floor that would ban something like an AR-15, I would vote for it,” Jacobs stated during a recent press conference.

That utterance may have cost Jacobs his bid to represent the 23rd district in Congress. I definitely cost him the support of Borrello, who just issued this statement:

“Congressman Jacobs is entitled to have a different opinion concerning the regulation of semi-automatic weapons. The GOP is a big tent.  

However, I don’t agree with his stance that a semi-automatic weapons ban would help prevent tragedies like those in Buffalo and Uvalde. Restricting law-abiding gun owners’ Second Amendment rights isn’t the answer.

Where we need to focus is on stronger mental health interventions like those in bipartisan legislation I sponsor with Queens Senator Diane Savino. This bill would strengthen Kendra’s Law and broaden the standard for involuntary inpatient treatment for the seriously mentally ill.  

Because I feel Congressman Jacob’s views don’t represent those of the majority of people he would be representing in the 23rd Congressional District, I have withdrawn my endorsement. Chris Jacobs is a dedicated public servant and someone I’ve worked with many times over the years, dating back to when I was County Executive.“  

The decision by Borrello to pull his endorsement of Jacobs is unlikely to be the last. NYS Republican leadership has already chastised Jacobs and the party chairman is planning a to challenge Jacobs in the upcoming party primary.

Assemblyman Joe Giglio was asked the same question but only offered a brief statement on the question of his recent endorsement of Jacobs:

“Assemblyman Giglio will address this issue when session has concluded.”

What this latest twist means for the upcoming election is now anyone’s guess. Can Jacobs survive this change of heart? Will Borrello jump back into contention? Stay tuned to the Sun for updates and analysis on the race for the 23rd district.

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