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Genesee Valley BOCES audit report

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Michael T. Baldwin Reports

Two new State Comptroller audits involving the Genesee Valley BOCES raised some concerns, but not critical issues. BOCES provides educational and support services to 22 component school districts in Genesee, Livingston, Steuben and Wyoming Counties.

First report: While the 198 BOCES purchase card charges reviewed were adequately supported and for valid purposes, only one was properly approved. The purchasing agent:

-Did not approve 197 purchases totaling approximately $46,000 before goods or services were obtained.

Read the complete report here:

The second report involved Reserve Funds. The report stated the key findings –

-While the Board and BOCES officials properly established reserve funds, they did not transparently fund the reserves or use or maintain reserve funds at reasonable levels. The Board and officials:

-Unnecessarily restricted funds that could have been refunded to school districts.

-Overfunded two reserves totaling $1.9 million, and officials could not demonstrate the balances in the four remaining reserves, totaling approximately $800,000, were needed or reasonable.

-Did not adopt a written reserve fund policy. Adopting a reserve policy provides transparency and defines the purpose for each reserve, optimal funding levels, and conditions under which the funds will be used and replenished.

BOCES’ reserve funding and use practices withholds funds from school districts that may have been used in a more beneficial way for respective taxpayers.

The full report is here:

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