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The Ryan Agency celebrates Eileen Busby for 17 years of service

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Customers rave about Eileen on social media, read the comments

By Andrew Harris

The Ryan Agency recently took some time to recognize a key team player and customers offered a round of applause.

“Eileen Busby has been with The Ryan Agency for 17 years! Congratulations and thank you for everything you do for our clients.”

Patti Wilkins Lorrow offered her “Congratulations Eileen & Ryan Agency. Enjoy seeing her friendly face when we stop in.”

Theresa Woodworth said, “Congratulations Eileen, you are always a pleasure to talk to.”

Kathy McAneney : “Congratulations Eileen!!! 🎉 Your the BEST!! Love you! ❤️

Brenda Smith raved, “Ryan Agency staple and best neighbor ever! Congratulations Eileen McAneney Busby !”

Paula Annis said, “Glad we have you working there as you are so helpful and pleasant.”

Joan Titus explains why people keep coming back: ” Congratulations, Eileen. I always appreciated your kindness and your smile.”

Connect with the Ryan Agency on Facebook to send a comment Eileen’s way and keep touch.

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