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Deputy Mayor Jessica Cleveland will assume a full-time role with the City of Hornell

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The reorganization will leave an opening for Ward 6 Common Council member

Reporting and photos by Syrena Lynn Carver

The City of Hornell government met on Monday evening and made some substantial changes while laying out a vision for the future of downtown Hornell.

The City of Hornell Common Council in action
Mayor Buckley

The Common Council approved to make the Deputy Mayor of Hornell a full time job. Currently the role of Deputy Mayor is filled by a member of the Common Council, Jessica Cleveland from Ward 6. Cleveland will be assuming the full-time position, leaving her seat on the council open as of September 1st.

We asked Mayor Buckley’s office to clarify the new job and the duties assigned to that full time position:

“Beginning Monday September 26, Deputy Mayor Jessica Cleveland will be utilized in a full-time capacity in three main areas: 

To help provide additional support to Hornell Area Transit (HAT). With the passing of Seth Corwin and looming retirement of Ann Corwin, it is vitally important to make sure Director Kim Courtney has the needed support to continue moving HAT forward into the future to continue meeting the needs of area residents. 

Support the Codes Department in areas impacting quality of life issues including blight, vacant and abandoned structures, and support the City Nuisance Law in relation to problematic properties in neighborhoods.

To support the dissemination of information to the public by developing a City newsletter and enhancing online and social media platforms in order to effectively deliver important information to residents.

Michelle Pogue addresses the council

The meeting also featured chairwoman from Hornell Partners for Growth, Michelle Pogue. She gave an overview of events and festivals, administrative updates, storage for decorations, and the progress of the downtown area. Mayor Buckley and Michelle Pogue share a “Hallmark” idea of how they want Hornell’s Main Street to look – especially during the Christmas Season.

Despite the importance of the meeting, not a single citizen attended the meeting. The Wellsville Sun and another local media outlet were the only attendees.

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