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Stabbing victim flown to hospital, female in custody after alleged stabbing in Wellsville Sunday (warning, graphic video)

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A male is being flown to ECMC in critical condition after being stabbed on Maple Avenue in the village of Wellsville today around noon.

A female was taken into custody for allegedly stabbing the male, resisted arrest and then was taken by Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance to Jones Memorial Hospital under police custody.

Police told the Wellsville Sun the male who was stabbed was in critical condition. Wellsville Sun crime reporter Michael T. Baldwin said a surgeon was called in and the victim was intubated, but they made the decision to fly him. MercyFlight helicopter flew the victim to a trauma unit.

The alleged incident took place at an upstairs apartment at 187 Maple Avenue, the part of Maple Avenue between Pearl Street and Madison.

The case is being handled by the Wellsville Village Police who were first on scene with Wellsville Ambulance when the initial call came in as a fall, as the victim told a neighbor he fell, then as blood was dripping down his pant leg on onto the sidewalk, he lifted his shirt and exposed the wound, a witness who called 911 said.

The witness said “I asked him what happened to him and he said he fell. When he lifted his shirt, I said ‘you have to go to the hospital!’ He then went back to the apartment and started yelling her name. He was asking her why she did it. (another neighbor) and I went around back of the apartment to find him and the police told us to leave the area because it was not a safe area.”

Two uniformed members of the Amity-based New York State Police arrived on the scene and assisted Wellsville Police trying to get the woman out of the apartment. It is not known what she said or why they could not get in. 

Another village police officer and trooper arrived. When the female was taken to the car, she appeared to be trying to get out of her handcuffs, but she was cooperative and allowed one trooper to put her in the vehicle.


WARNING: Video includes screaming and resisting arrest as well as interviews from the scene with police and witnesses.

While she was in the back seat, something happened in the car and the trooper opened the door. She started screaming violently and tried to get out. Another trooper rushed back to the scene and continued to scream and resist arrest. A village police officer came to help. A Wellsville Sun video shows the police did not use excessive force as they were able to get her back into the car. The screaming continued as the troopers kept their hands on her arm and guided her into the cruiser.

At this point, the ambulance was called right to the front of the house and she was taken out of the trooper cruiser and onto a gurney and into the ambulance where screaming continued at the first responders.

After the female suspect was in custody, State Police Investigator Eric Tavernier interviewed all neighbors and witnesses to help the Wellsville Police Department in their investigation.

“At this point there was an alleged stabbing at that apartment. The person, a possible suspect, is being interviewed by the Wellsville Police Department,” Tavenier said. “There’s nobody running around, there is nothing anyone has to be concerned with right now. Everybody that we believe to be involved is being dealt with right now.

State Police put crime scene tape around the apartment and blocking the sidewalk where the trail of blood was located.

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More photos from the incident:

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