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US Representative Joe Sempolinski sworn into office for the 23rd US Congressional District

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Read Congressman Sempolinksi’s remarks upon taking office

It is an honor to be the Representative of the people of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes.

I am blessed to have my family with me. My parents are here, who have given me everything. My in-laws are here who have always treated me like family. I would not be standing here without the support of my wife, Angie, who is my soulmate and best friend. I am also joined by my daughters. My younger daughter Maddie is with us. She is my bright-eyed little sweetheart. And I am joined by my older daughter Jojo.

I think other Down Syndrome parents will understand what I mean when I say that in the person of Jojo I’m joined today in this chamber by my hero.

I have been repeatedly asked “why would you run when you will only serve for about 4 months?” My answer has always been it would be an honor to serve for 4 minutes. Most people in history have lived their lives under despots and tyrants. But not here, not in America, that is the freedom our ancestors purchased for us at such great cost. We choose those who speak for us. To do so is a sacred thing.

We have so many challenges right now as a nation. Rising prices steal from those who can least afford it. Crime puts fear in all our hearts. And sadly, so many feel that they are not heard by their government.

I can tell the people of the 23rd District, without doubt, they are heard. I am blessed to be from one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I pray that I can be worthy of the people who have sent me here to speak for them.

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