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Republican candidate for NY Governor Lee Zeldin family rattled after drive-by shooting near home

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The Zeldin’s were not injured or the target of the shooting

By Andrew Harris, pictured are Lee with wife and daughters

With less than a month until the election, Congressman Lee Zeldin who is currently running for NY Governor against current Governor Kathy Hochul, had a dramatic scare.

As Zeldin and his wife were traveling back home from an local event, their teenage daughters called in a panic: Shots had been fired outside the home. As any parents would do, the Zeldins told the girls to lockdown and shelter in place as they rushed home. Anyone can imagine the terror that a parent would feel in a moment like this. Considering the political climate and the risks of running for a high profile office like Governor, the Zeldins must have been assumed the family was targeted.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case. This appears to have been a drive-by shooting, targeting male teens walking down the street.

The Zeldins arrived home to find their daughters safe and the victims of the attack were not mortally wounded. Since the event, Suffolk Police have sent a “strike force” to the neighborhood.

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