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Dansville Airport Juxaposition by Amanda Sue Cornelius

The sidewalks of Hornell need some tender loving revitalization, see gallery

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Walking around with Syrena Lynn Carver

Sidewalk maintenance is always a challenge for local government. In most cases, the homeowner is responsible for to keep the sidewalk passable and safe. Sometimes that just means edging and weeding, sometimes that means thousands in concrete or stone work.

In Hornell, the upkeep of the sidewalks seems to have direct link to income level, or ownership. Many of the places in this photojournal are low-income neighborhoods or rental properties. Here lies the problem, sidewalks are very expensive to repair and spending thousands of dollars on the sidewalk isn’t typically in the budget.

Should the city step in? Be sure to vote in the upcoming poll question— Potholes or sidewalks?

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