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Tie-dye art flourished during the pandemic in Canisteo NY

I started tie dye as a way to provide my two daughters with some sort of exposure to an art class of sorts while they were home during COVID lockdowns and as a way of getting them some relief from staring at tablets and laptops for school each day. I had no idea I’d become the one “hooked” so to speak.  I began working with just liquid dye techniques, learning from YouTube and from friends, and have also moved into ice dying processes as well.  I enjoy working in bright colors as well as earthy tones.  Sometimes you’ll find that color and tone is a choice your mood will make for you.

Love Shawn’s work? Contact him directly on Instagram, @theforce031 or via email at :

I am a Landscaper by trade and draw on my knowledge in that field more times than I even realize for color combinations and blending/flow of colors.  Tie dying has certainly brought my family closer, and I’d recommend it to anyone as a family or group activity.  Anyone is capable of making extraordinary pieces with fairly simple techniques, whether it be a shirt or a large tapestry and so forth.  Pieces certainly don’t always turn out like you envision or expect but they will always impress. I feel like there is never a “bad” one.

For anyone looking to dive into tie dying, Dharma Trading Company has a trove of information and tutorials online and also sells some of the best dye available to artists working with tie dye.

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