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Meet Mike Olix, Hornell photojournalist

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Hello! My name is Mike Olix, I´ve lived in Hornell for most of my 44 years.  I went to Hornell High School where my passion for art, writing, photography, and sculpting was sparked by a very charismatic art teacher in advanced art and a great friend and artist that still inspires and encourages me to this day. I learned the basics of putting the pencil to paper and making something unique and beautiful, as well as snapping a pic or two, and writing a blog where I share my poems, stories, thoughts, and pretty much my life.

I am inspired by anything that I see beauty in.  I take dozens, sometimes hundreds of pictures a day of all the beautiful things I am lucky to witness.  Most of all I love nature and being outdoors, rather it be in my backyard under my thinking tree or out in the woods, I take time to appreciate the small things that many others may pass up.

What I hope to be remembered for most with everything I create or photograph, is the appreciation for beautiful things no matter how minute.  Beauty is simple and it is everywhere, because everything is different from one thing to the next and is amazingly unique.

My goal is to share with the world and maybe see my work on the walls of anyone who enjoys whatever I create or capture in an image.

If you are interested in reading some of my writing on my blog please visit and enjoy.  Thank you everyone!

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