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NY DEMS: Lee Zeldin’s no good, very bad week

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Endorsed By Trump, Exposed Election Conspiracy Texts, Lies On Abortion Stance, Goes AWOL On Backing Police
It’s been another horrible week for Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin as he tries to distance and lie his way out of the far-right agenda he has formulated since he started his political career –– but New Yorkers are starting to notice. 

Here’s a recap of Lee Zeldin’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week:
Endorsed By Donald Trump: On Sunday, Zeldin earned Donald Trump’s “complete & total” endorsement for governor despite Trump being widely unpopular across the state. Since day one, Zeldin has stood in lockstep with the disgraced president and has pledged to bring Trump’s full MAGA agenda to New York if elected.

Undermining Democracy With Mark Meadows: According to recently released text messages, Zeldin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows conspired to push election conspiracy falsehoods and plan a public campaign to discredit the 2020 election results.

Caught Lying On Abortion Stance: Zeldin was slammed by the Daily News Editorial Board for walking back his anti-abortion comments and agenda to placate New Yorkers. “Don’t buy Zeldin’s claims,” said the Editorial Board, because “there are a half-dozen ways to imagine him making it harder for women, especially poor women who rely on government funds, to exercise their right to choose.” 

Going AWOL On Cops: The “tough on crime” candidate can’t even show up in Congress to support the police. According to the Daily Beast, Zeldin “did not even vote” on three important crime bills that would support law enforcement and instead decided to film a campaign social media post in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Blaming Democrats For Insurrection To Exonerate Trump On January 6th: The New York Times emphasized Zeldin’s loyalty to Trump and his attempts to blame the insurrection on others just after the U.S. Capitol was raided on January 6th: “On the day the U.S. Capitol was ransacked, as stunned lawmakers emerged from hiding and police officers were still counting the injured, Representative Lee Zeldin of New York walked into the Rotunda, held up a shaky camera and went live on Fox News…that evening, Mr. Zeldin sounded all but ready to exonerate [President Trump],” and “Soon after, Mr. Zeldin would join 146 other Republicans in seeking to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in key states.” 
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