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By Craig Braack

Hornell split on NYS Governor’s race

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From 443 votes, the Maple City is decidedly split on New York’s next leader

By Andrew Harris

Officially, Governor Kathy Hochul received a single vote more than Congressman Lee Zeldin in our weekly poll. While our polls are far from scientific, they do reveal a perhaps historic support for a Republican governor in Hornell NY.

A Republican candidate for Governor hasn’t had as much support since George Pataki, who beat Mario Cuomo out of a historic fourth term. According to Wikipedia, Howard Stern may have been involved:

“Pataki narrowly defeated Cuomo in the general election. Many, including Pataki himself, believed Howard Stern‘s endorsement of Pataki was a major reason for his win.[16] He finished with 48.8% of the vote to Cuomo’s 45.5%, and independence candidate Tom Golisano finished with 4.2%.”

It seems that Zeldin’s momentum will provide plenty of support in Upstate NY, but will it be enough to counter the massive downstate vote? For more granular data on this election, visit this link to

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