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Letter to the Editor: A reaction to the recent Zeldin-Hochul debate

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By Douglas Rettig, Cuba NY

After watching the above debate Monday night, I remain committed to support Lee Zeldin for Governor of NY.

The Buffalo News Tuesday morning mentioned that both candidates kept referring back to the topic of crime and they are correct.  The only problem is that Mr. Zeldin wants to do something about existing criminals and the revolving door bail revisions but all Ms. Hochul has done is say nothing is wrong with her way and instead trash the rights of those of us who try to stay within the law and protect ourselves, our families and our homes.

New York State needs a change in leadership and hopefully NY voters are paying attention – the current one-party ruling class in Albany has been taking us down the road to ruin – all under the guise of taking the most drastic, advanced actions over everybody else, be it climate change, gun control, you name it, no matter what the cost or damage to the residents.

 Climate change – Hochul -convert everything to electric – NOW!  Never mind that the current electrical grid can not handle the increased demand, and won’t be able to for decades, nor is the equipment and vehicles to convert us from oil and gas economically available yet.  I didn’t hear her mention anything about having to move out the deadline for only selling all electric vehicles in NY State from 2030 to 2035.  Anybody want to guess why?

Neither did I hear anything about who was going to pay for a backup battery system in every household to keep things running when Mother Nature decides to trash the electrical grids above ground distribution system with an ice or wind storm after all other forms of heating and power have been outlawed by her form of government.  The “Climate Justice” committee mentions the creation of large battery storage facilities but mentions nothing about how that power will get to homes and businesses if the wiring between them is down.  Maybe by the bucket full?

Crime – the Hochul program on crime has been to make sure criminals caught committing crimes don’t have to worry about stopping by the local jail or putting out any money for bail – but just take their appearance ticket – and pick up where they left off before they were so rudely interrupted by the police. 

Nor will they have to worry about any armed opposition as their future victims are still trying to wade thru the blatantly unconstitutional restrictions she pushed thru her puppet regime – all the while proclaiming she was leading the charge here and nationwide on gun control – “getting guns off the streets”.  To me – getting tough on crime and guns off the streets – means making the penalty for criminals using guns so tough they wouldn’t want to do the time.

I think that Michael Kracker’s editorial in the Wednesday October 26, 2022 Buffalo News, page 6, hit the nail on the head when he said that “Hochul no longer shares the values of her hometown”, nor in my mind does she care about the oath she took when she replaced her predecessor, another individual who failed the residents and tax payers of New York State miserably.

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