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In Hornell, Dr. McKay wins 3rd Ward alderman seat handily, Steuben County rejects new district map

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Voters say no to state and county ballot propositions

By Andrew Harris

Nearly 35,000 voters in Steuben county showed up at the polls and sent a message to the state and the county.

The state proposition, a bond act for clean water, clean air, and green jobs was approved by nearly a 60% statewide margin. In Steuben County, the vote was firmly against the proposition, with about 17500 votes against and 14000 votes for the measure.

Steuben county voters were even more clear about the county proposition to approve the new redistricting effort. That “no” was resounding with over 19000 votes and just under 12000 voting to approve the measure. County districts will now remain the same until the next US census in 2030.

In the City of Hornell, Reverend Cedric Cooper was unable to counter the “red wave” sweeping local politics. Dr. Joseph McKay, received 135 votes while Cooper’s tally was 66. Only 201 voters played a role in the decision in a race that recieved attention from NYS Assembly members and from the sitting US Congressman Joe Sempolinski.

Congratulations to Dr. McKay on his victory and we look forward to learning more about your plans for the serving the 3rd Ward and City of Hornell.

View Steuben county unofficial results here.

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