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Students, faculty, and staff participate in fall poetry reading event at ASC, watch recap

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An Alfred State student recites an original poem

Alfred State College students, faculty, and staff participated in the fall poetry reading event hosted by the English and Humanities Department.

Held each semester, the poetry reading event in the Allegany Room allows an open microphone for all in the college community to share. The event featured music by Tim Bocchi, a variety of desserts from the culinary arts department, and student artwork.

Calista McBride, department chair and professor in the English and Humanities Department, welcomed the crowd. “This is because of you. Because of the creativity that is in all of you. We hope that when you arrive with us that you have a rebirth of wonder. That is what we do here and why we are here.”

New this semester, Travis Matteson, assistant professor in the English and Humanities Department, worked with those in the audience to create poetry from the answers of two questions: A Pioneer is and give advice to your high school self?

How to Be a Pioneer – A poem written by the attendees at the Fall 2022 Poetry Reading

Wrestle more!

Love yourself and appreciate your uniqueness.

A Pioneer is someone who puts their all into everything that they do.

Ask Kate, “Why?” when she hands you a book.

A Pioneer is built different.

There’s just too much to say and a lot to experience. The numbness you feel will leave behind abrasions; scrapes built over a decade. Breathe with self-love and patience, a strong foundation finally started with foreign help and careful decisions.

Go into computers.

Try it all, you are doing great!


A Pioneer is a student with goals to make someone proud.

A Pioneer is someone who strives for greatness.


A Pioneer is a leader.

A Pioneer is our future.

A Pioneer is an explorer, an inventor and a trail blazer.

A Pioneer is a person with passion and purpose.

Beware the woman.

College doesn’t kill creativity.

Stand up for yourself.

Relax more often and give yourself care. Take the advice you give others. (P.S. Don’t stress about homework).

It’s not as important as you think.

A Pioneer is lost along the Oregon Trail. You died of dysentery!

A Pioneer is surely to blame.

A Pioneer is a Revolutionary.

A Pioneer is exhausted.

A Pioneer is a mystic.

Go Pioneers!

This poem along with other original poems recited by students have been submitted for inclusion in Ergo, the literary and artistic publication of Alfred State that is published each semester.

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