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December 23 is Festivus: The annual “Airing of Grievances”

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The Holiday for the Rest of Us

Air your personal grievances today on our Facebook page

By Andrew Harris, pictured is Frank Costanza the modern-day father of Festivus

Many years ago, the great Frank Costanza, reminded the nation that the holiday season isn’t just about Santa, gifts, and eggnog. On this eve of Christmas eve, a very important holiday is being celebrated world wide.

You may have already celebrated today, unknowingly, as you complained aloud about the horrible weather system blowing in. To celebrate the holiday properly, the true spirit of Festivus is to air personal grievances between family members. This clearing of the air is a very healthly family communication tool before the rigors of the Christmas holiday arrive.

In the spirit of Frank Constanza, I will volunteer some of my grievances to get the ball rolling. You can visit our Facebook page today and contribute to this great holiday by airing your gripes, grudges, and grievances.

1 – I’m sick of the old guard of local news sources, like “The Source” cyber stalking me and repurposing our content. Just because you change a few words doesn’t change this and everyone sees right through it.

2- Saranac Brewing Company needs to sell the Black Forest beer as a stand alone product. In order to get just three of these delicious brews you have to buy the whole “Trail Mix” twelve back, full of other beer I don’t want. Black Forest should be available in it’s own twelve back, and it should be in cans, not bottles.

3- Salad slimies: I am so sick of buying lettuce that has partially rotting pieces of greens, aka “slimies.” It is almost always the red leaf varieties, which clearly don’t hold as well as the green leaf. What looks fine in the store can become inedible in a matter of hours. Whoever is growing this lettuce: The scam is up, you can do better.

4- I’ve had it with people telling me “I would have left you a voicemail but your mailbox is full.” I know it is full, has been since 2019 I believe. Voicemail is a dinosaur and I’m not going to give robo calls or bill collectors or politicians an opportunity to harass, intimidate, or solicit. I’m not that hard to get ahold of, just send a bloody text.

You can learn much more about the great holiday on the official Festivus website. The video also provides more details on this very important holiday.

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