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Peace Officer training added to Alfred State Police Academy

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For the first time, the Alfred State Police Academy will offer the Division of Criminal Justice Services Basic Course for Peace Officer. The 179-hour course will begin on May 15, 2023.

A peace officer enforces laws and ordinances. They may also investigate crimes. They can make arrests, conduct investigations, issue citations for traffic violations, and respond to emergency calls such as domestic violence incidents or fires.

The DCJS Basic Course for Peace Officer mirrors the first six weeks of the Alfred State Police Academy where cadets learn the powers of a Peace Officer, NYS Penal Law, NYS Criminal Procedure Law, De-escalation (where they will learn ways to defuse a tense situations), ethics and professionalism, defensive tactics, how to use minimal force to gain compliance without causing injury to either party involved, and use of force. Cadets will also receive instruction on Laws of arrest, interview and interrogation, discretionary powers, use of Narcan for opioid overdoses, fundamental crisis intervention skills, report writing, and professional communications.

Police Academy Director Scott Richardson is excited to add this as an option in the Police Academy. “Adding the Peace Officer training course was a natural fit after the passing of legislation that required probation officers to be certified. There is a demand for this type of training, and we are happy to provide it.”

Learn more about the Peace Officer Course and the 2023 Alfred State Police Academy. For more information contact the Center for Community Education by email or contact Tammy Edwards 607-587-4017.

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