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Women are Smarter

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

By Andrew Harris

“It ain’t me, it’s the people that say
That the men are leading the women astray
But I say that the women today
Are smarter than the men in every way”

This might come off as horribly sexist and bias, which it is. On this day celebrating the human female across the planet, let’s all be grateful for the ultimate intelligent design. If you are reading this, you owe the breath inside you to your mother. Even the most mysognistic pigs on the planet have to at least give women credit for the gift of life.

Most likely, and I’m sorry for those who this doesn’t apply, your mother fell so deeply in love with you that you became the focus of her life. That love is the what sustains our entire species, remove that from the human experience and life would be hell. How many horrible decisions would have been foolishly made if that little voice in our heads didn’t whisper, “What would your mother say?”

That voice of reason, of right and wrong, and of love is what maintains natural laws and social order. The inate intelligence of women keeps us better behaved, provides the harshest punishment possible for our misdeeds, and sets expectations for daily life. When we don’t meet those expectations, or we make mistakes, or really act like a jerk; disappointing a mother is a dreaded consequence. Just a glance of disgust or a few admonishing words bring a guilty feeling that we don’t forget, and don’t want to repeat.

Beside the inheriant brilliance behind populating the planet, women are also much better at running the show. Your first teacher was likely a woman, and they continue to dominate the profession for obvious reasons. Chances are that a woman provided your first meal and many since, including your favorite comfort food. Has tragedy hit your family or community lately? I’d wager that those who nurtured, comforted, and provided the love needed to recover were women. Sexist statements I’ll admit but the proof is in the pudding: Teachers are mostly women(75%,) “mom” does most of the cooking, and did you know that 86% of nurses are women! Just the facts, man.

They give birth to you, the teach you, they nurse you, they cook for you, and keep you well behaved. Women do these things as naturally as a bird sings and we should all be thankful.

Men, don’t react to this with, “I do the cooking!,” or “my dad was a teacher,” or “my mom was a horrible person.” Yes, of course men can do almost anything a woman can, but human history is very clear about which gender has played the key roles.

Appreciating women is easy. But why is it so hard to pay them equally? Give women equal voice in government? Provide them with full autonomy over thier own bodies?

Keeping men at the helm of industry, government, sports, and even religion(80% of clergy are men,) just doesn’t make sense.

Celebrating International Women’s Day by acknowledging the obvious: Women are Smarter. With that acknowledgment it only makes sense to demand equal pay, question “traditional” gender roles in society, and insist that women be in total control of their own bodies.

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Oh one more thing you can do to celebrate women: Support local woman-owned businesses!! Hornell and Steuben County have many small businesses.

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