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Local Law Enforcement Officer Graduates from FBI National Academy

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Canisteo Police Chief Kyle C. Amidon graduated March 16

Canisteo, New York – On March 20th, 2023, The Village of Canisteo Police Department announced that Police Chief Kyle C. Amidon has graduated as a member of the 285th session of the FBI National Academy. The graduation took place at the National Academy in Quantico, Virginia on March 16th, 2023. Chief Kyle C. Amidon is the first officer in department history to complete this prestigious program. Nationally, fewer than one percent of officers have the opportunity to attend the program.

Internationally known for its academic excellence, the National Academy offers ten weeks of advanced communication, leadership, and fitness training. Participants must have proven records as professionals within their agencies to attend. On average, these officers have 21 years of law enforcement experience and usually return to their agencies to serve in executive-level positions.

The 285th session consistent of two hundred and forty-seven law enforcement officers from 48 states and the District of Columbia. The class included members of law enforcement agencies from 28 countries, four military organizations, and five federal civilian organizations.

Chief Amidon has been in charge of the Canisteo Village Police Department for the past 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and dedication to the Village of Canisteo and its community members.  Chief Amidon is well rounded and gives his full support and time to his staff and the people he serves.  Chief Amidon is an example of a leader and will continue to serve and protect the people and the Village of Canisteo.

“This experience was once in a lifetime and has been something I have wanted to accomplish in my career.” I have had the opportunity to meet so many outstanding leaders from all over the world and gained so many connections while in Quantico.” “I am excited to bring back everything that I have learned and share with my fellow officers, our community members and other neighboring leaders.” I want to foremost thank the Village of Canisteo for allowing me the opportunity to attend this prestigious academy. I want to thank the members of the Canisteo Village Police Department, my family and my friends for all their generous support, patience, love and assistance while here.“ Stated by Chief Amidon.

About Canisteo Village Police Department

The Canisteo Village Police Department is made up of a total of 9 officers including full time, part time and school resource officers.  The Department operates approximately 130 hours per week serving and protecting the citizens of Canisteo.  The Department is responsible for traffic control, handling investigations, narcotic enforcement, property checks, assisting citizens, safety plans, and much more.  The members of the Canisteo Police Department are highly trained and continue to train proficiently and skillfully to better serve and protect the community and its people.

The mission of the Canisteo Village Police Department is to serve and protect the people within the jurisdictional boundaries within the Village of Canisteo, NY. This statement encompasses several duties, responsibilities, and requirements of the departmental members. They include but are not limited to the preservation of peace, enforcement of all applicable federal, state, and local laws, codes and ordinances, protecting the life, property and personal safety of all persons, and generally assisting citizens in time of urgent situations.

The level of police service is dictated by the public, and therefore, it is incumbent upon each member to gain the confidence of the public which the department serves. It must be understood by the Canisteo Village Police Department members that the oath of office administered to each member at the time of their employment is their personal commitment and dedication to duty.

The high level of professional standards and demeanor expected from each member in their service will assure public confidence and satisfaction. Additionally, members will demonstrate impartial service of the law, respect and protect the rights of the public while performing their duties with pride, honesty, zeal, compassion, discretion, dignity, and sound judgment. All members shall provide police service while in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Canisteo Village Police Department.

About the FBI National Academy

FBI Academy instructors, special agents, and other staff with advanced degrees provide the training; many instructors are recognized internationally in their fields. Since 1972, National Academy students have been able to earn undergraduate and graduate credits from the University of Virginia, which accredits many of the courses offered. A total of 54,154 graduates have completed the FBI National Academy since it began in 1935. The National Academy is held at the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, the same facility where the FBI trains its new special agents and intelligence analysts.

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