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100th free wig given away at Noyes 

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Dawn hunt of Addison (left) received the 100th free wig from the eBeauty program at UR Medicine Noyes Health. The program was started by Ashley Derrenbacher (right)

From UR Noyes Health,

The eBeauty program at UR Medicine Noyes Health is helping cancer patients regain their confidence, one wig at a time.  

“We get the wigs through a program called EBeauty Community out of Arizona. The wigs are all professionally cleaned through Paul Mitchell Schools,” continued Derrenbacher. “Then they are packaged and sent out to hospitals across the nation.” 

Last week, the eBeauty program passed a major milestone passing out its 100th wig.  

“Often, getting a cancer diagnosis is devastating. Pair that with potentially losing your hair – It can be a traumatizing experience,” said Derrenbacher.  

She started the program in July 2019 while she was the office coordinator for community outreach services when she started the program. 

“Before starting eBeauty at Noyes, patients would have to travel quite a distance to get wigs. With Noyes having a cancer center, I thought it would be a good program to have locally.” 

UR Medicine Noyes Health the only facility in the state to partner with EBeauty Community to offer this service. 

“It is so nice to be able to provide this service to cancer patients,” said Derrenbacher. “It is a small act, but can make a big difference in people’s lives. I feel very lucky to have been able to help so many people in the last four years. To see their faces the first time patients look in the mirror is an amazing experience.” 

Many times, patients are at Noyes for a medical oncology or radiation treatment, but wigs are available to all cancer patients who have lost their hair, regardless of where they are seeking treatment.  

“The cancer center staff lets me know when they have a patient who is interested,” said Derrenbacher. “I go down during their infusions and treatments to talk with them right there instead of setting up a separate time to come back. I can bring wig options in for the patients to look at and try on, then they can leave that day with their new wig.” 

People can also call to set up appointments privately.  

 “People are very shocked they are free and very grateful for this service,” she said. “Some people have a very hard time dealing with hair loss as they undergo treatments. It doesn’t bother everyone, but the majority of people struggle while watching their hair fall out. I think it is a relief to hear that this free service is available to them.” 

If you are in need of a wig, you can call Ashley Derrenbacher at (585) 335-6755 or email [email protected]

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