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Tyler Richards, the Residence Hall Director in Braddon Hall, was named the recipient of the Alfred State Student Advocate Award

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Tyler Richards, the Residence Hall Director in Braddon Hall, receives the Alfred State Student Advocate Award from Student Senate President Soumya Konar.

The award recognizes college employees who have gone above and beyond to help students be successful. Students nominate employees who have made a profound impact on their success.

The students that nominated Richards noted the following:

  • He goes above and beyond to check in and make sure I am ok mentally, and if I am stressed out, he is willing to listen and find a way to help me in any way he can.
  • If he notices I am getting overwhelmed with work, he encourages me to take a step back, take a break, and then continue working with help from him.
  • He does his best to make sure there is a heathy work environment with the dorm and encourages students to put academics first.
  • He is very informed on materials and outside help offered on campus.
  • I have witnessed him put care and time into his job, while also being attentive to other students and staff members’ needs.
  • He is a very hard worker and deserves to be recognized for his ability to balance his normal duties while ensuring his staff and students are safe, comfortable, and feel right at home.

Student Senate President Soumya Konar presented Richards with his gift to commemorate the honor.

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