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Op-Ed: Electrosmog; impacts all forms of life

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“…..a deep dive down the rabbit hole of the EMF pollution”

by Frederick Sinclair

Planet earth, nature and all living beings function utilizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) and with an interplay of myriad physical forces, work in concert to achieve  atomic structure and biological function. From the individual cell all the way to the complex organism and variation among species, a delicate balance of vibrating energy fields and gradient based reactions enable life as we know it. Mankind and all living forms on earth have existed, depended upon, and acclimated to a naturally balanced EMF environment over millions of years. It is only in the last 100 years that man has introduced entirely new and artificial forms of EMF into what was the natural background environment. The steady increase in variety, quantity and power of out of synch artificial EMF is shown to be undermining biological function and rapidly approaching a tipping point of no return. Simple telegraph and telephone, rural electric service,  radio and TV; has  morphed into powerful radar, portable phones, satellite dishes, smart cell phones, internet via wireless, social media, streaming videos, gaming, movies on demand, endless apps, 2,3,4,5G, 4GLTE, cell towers, wifi, Hotspots, OnSat, thousands of Star-Link satellites, self driving cars with Lidar proximity alert,  wireless “smart” electric meters, LED street lamps, surveillance cameras, LEXA,  baby monitors, and even blue tooth connected wireless baby diapers. All rapidly evolving into a Artificial Intelligence (AI) control grid. The increase in exposure to these forms of out of synch artificial EMF is estimated to be several orders of magnitude over natural background levels of life supporting natural EMF.

The combined bombardment of artificial wireless EMF is akin to static radio station noise, in degrading the function of our biological systems. The many sources of unnatural EMF intersect, reverberate, reflect and generate standing, long lasting clouds of disharmony; currently referred to as Electrosmog. See the online NIH publication Electrosmog and autoimmune disease. The free online Bioinitiative Report is also an extensive compilation of the science and medical reports which offer proof that wireless EMF is harmful to humans. A recently released study, also identifies similar harm being done to birds, bees, insects, wildlife and plants. This extensive publication is available online by searching for Effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna.  

Please watch for more in this series of investigative articles which will take us on a deep dive down the rabbit hole of the EMF pollution problem. Join us on this expedition to increased understanding and discovery of actionable real life solutions.

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