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City Hall Update: 2021 CDBG Residential Rehabilitation Program Progress

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The program focuses on addressing essential repairs and needs

From the City of Hornell:

The City of Hornell is excited to provide an update on the progress of the 2021 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP) in collaboration with LaBella Associates. This program aims to bring significant improvements to eligible properties in our community.

“The CDBG RRP has been very beneficial to City residents looking to rehabilitate their homes. Historically, we have provided assistance on 147 properties in the City of Hornell through this program,” shared City Assessor Cindy Burdell. “With the 2021 RRP, the City of Hornell was awarded $491,750. Thanks to this grant, and its predecessor in 2019, nearly a million dollars’ worth of necessary repairs were completed in our community.”

“We currently have five projects underway, with two more in the inspection phase. This program is crucial to revitalizing our City’s housing needs,” continued Burdell. “The current projects encompass a range of essential repairs, including roofing, heating systems, door and window replacements, lead and asbestos issues, accessibility concerns, and chimney repairs. In the past, we have successfully addressed electrical and plumbing issues, siding, and installed smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.”

There is a waiting list of approximately 60-70 properties due to the high demand for assistance. However, applicants should remain optimistic as project completion is prioritized on the essential service and level of need, rather than the order of application. The Residential Rehabilitation Program focuses solely on addressing essential repairs and needs, and does not provide funding for basic remodeling. The program covers repair costs up to $25,000, and residents must meet income eligibility requirements to qualify for a residential rehabilitation grant. Grant funds do not need to be repaid unless the home is sold or ownership is transferred within 10 years.

Mayor John Buckley states, “This program serves as a vital resource, not only enhancing our community’s housing stock but also enabling residents who struggle to afford home repairs to continue living safely in their homes for longer periods. I extend my sincere appreciation to Assessor Cindy Burdell and LaBella Associates for their commitment to these projects. Their hard work is instrumental in making this program a success and improving the well-being of our residents.”

2021 RRP project work must be completed by December 2023. While further CDBG RRP funds have not been awarded at this time, the City remains proactive in seeking grants and awards to continue supporting our community’s housing rehabilitation efforts.

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