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Hornell Police Department activity log for June 16 and 17

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Read about the 24/7 work of the Maple City police force

From the Hornell Police Department

12:55 AM Property Check.
12:58 AM Property Check.
1:02 AM Property Check.
1:03 AM Dennis Ave. Trespass. Units checked residence and area with no signs of entry or anyone in the area.
1:44 AM Property Check.
1:50 AM Property Check.
2:16 AM Parking Tickets Issued. 2AM – 6 AM (7 issued)
2:57 AM Property Check.
3:06 AM Property Check.
3:13 AM Property Check.
5:18 AM Hornell St. Check Welfare. Person reporting canceled police response. Police further checked the area.
6:16 AM Leach Ave. Disturbance. Verbal argument, parties separated.
7:58 AM Elizabeth St. Check Welfare. Officers made contact with person in question.
8:30 AM Hornell Police HQ. Parking Permit Issued.
8:45 AM Chaddock Ave. Medical Advisement. Officers assisted Fire Department.
8:54 AM Hornell Police HQ. Parking Permit Issued.
9:13 AM Proactive safety protocol. School Detail.
10:28 AM Hornell Police HQ. Parking Permit Issued.
10:56 AM Leach Ave. Fire. Stove fire put out prior to officers’ arrival.
10:57 AM Broadway Mall. Check Welfare. Officers made contact with subject in question. Subject was fine and sent on their way.
11:08 AM Hornell Police HQ. Parking Permit Issued.
12:46 PM Juvenile Incident. Investigation.
12:49 PM Hornell Police HQ. Dismiss UTT.
2:35 PM Hornell Police HQ. Parking Permit Issued.
2:36 PM Hornell Police HQ. Dismiss UTT.
3:27 PM Elizabeth St. Criminal Contempt. Criminal complaint under investigation.
3:37 PM Front St. Civil Matter. Officers investigated a complaint regarding shared property.
3:38 PM Park Dr. Hazardous Condition. Officers recovered found narcotics and did secure in evidence for further investigation.
3:52 PM Church Street. Suspicious Person Report.
4:01 PM Walmart. Larceny. Arrest made.
4:03 PM Summer St. Neighbor Dispute. Both parties spoken with and advised of rights.
4:28 PM Wells St. Harassment. Situation deescalated; parties were separated.
4:40 PM Prospect St. Domestic Incident. Victim was interviewed. Situation was handled.
4:50 PM. Juvenile Incident. Investigation.
5:06 PM Hornell Police HQ. Warrant Arrest. Arrest made.
5:17 PM Taylor St. Noise Complaint. Subject advised of complaint.
5:47 PM Dennis Ave. Noise Complaint. Subject advised of complaint.
6:59 PM Loder St. Parking Ticket Issued. (2) Issued.
7:12 PM Hornell Police HQ. Special Assignment. DWI Patrol.
8:24 PM Chaddock Ave. Family Court Matter. Parties advised of family court / options.
9:01 PM Greeley Ave. Aggravated Harassment. Officers advised complainant of options.
9:42 PM River Street. Domestic Incident. Verbal dispute only, parties were separated and the situation was


12:00 AM James St Park. Disturbance. Officers spoke with a group of individuals and advised them of park hours, they were sent on their way.

12:06 AM Property Check.

12:07 AM Property Check.

12:10 AM Shawmut Park. Suspicious Vehicle. Operator of vehicle was advised of park hours and sent on their way.

12:14 AM Property Check.

12:37 AM Burger King Parking Lot. Traffic Stop. Two UTT’s issued, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

1:48 AM Property Check. 2:01 AM Property Check.

2:15 AM Hill St. Missing Person. Juvenile located safely by officers and returned to parent / legal guardian. 2:31 AM Property Check.

2:36 AM Property Check. 2:44 AM Property Check.

3:32 AM Stephens St. Vehicle Unlock. Officers assisted citizen and gained access.

3:36 AM Delaware Ave. Medical Emergency. Officers assisted Hornell Fire Dept.

4:13 AM E. Washington St. Disturbance. Officers de-escalated the situation; the parties were separated. 9:15 AM Hornell Police HQ. Background Check.

10:04 AM Bostwick Pl. Disturbance. Officers unable to locate the source of complaint. Officers further checked the area.

11:13 AM Collier St. Dog At Large. Officers located the dog and turned it over to the Hornell Area Humane Society. 11:43 AM Hornell Police HQ. Parking Permit Issued.

11:53 AM Dennis Ave. Noise Complaint. Subject was advised of the complaint.

12:11 PM Hornell Police HQ. Officer Information. On-going investigation.

12:14 PM Main St. Hazardous Condition. Officers recovered suspected drug paraphernalia and secured it in temporary evidence to later be destroyed.

3:03 PM Bostwick Pl. Noise Complaint. The complaint was unfounded.

3:19 PM Cottage Ave. Found Property. Property secured in temporary property locker. 5:18 PM Maple Court Homes. Juvenile Incident.

5:35 PM Stephens St. Disturbance. Officers spoke with all parties involved. Situation was handled.

6:14 PM Cottage Ave. Fireworks Complaint. Officers spoke with individual, and advised them of the complaint.

6:27 PM Canisteo St. Parking Complaint. No violations were observed by responding officers.

6:49 PM Mill St. Animal Complaint. Dog at large was located.

7:31 PM Canisteo St. Noise Complaint. Officers advised subjects of the complaint.

7:47 PM Park Dr. Assist Citizen. Courtesy transport.

7:58 PM Hornell Police HQ. Lost Property. Report taken.

8:40 PM Genesee St. Psychiatric Problem. Officers assisted Hornell Fire Dept.

8:57 PM Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. Operator advised of violation.

9:20 PM Main St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised of violation.

9:35 PM Main St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised of violation.

9:36 PM Charles St. Disturbance. On-going investigation.

10:36 PM Ransom St. Medical Emergency. On-going investigation.

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