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Hornell Police Department Reports

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Maple City’s finest deal with a wide range of issues every shift, read the logs


12:08am  Property Check.

12:13am  Property Check.

12:20am  Property Check.

12:25am  Headquarters. Photo ID issued.

1:24am    Property Check.

1:32am    Property Check.

1:55am    Property Check.

2:14am    Property Check.

2:55am    Property Check.

4:05am    Hornell St. Check Welfare.  911 text with no response. Child playing with phone.

4:30am    2a-6a parking tickets. 2 issued.

5:40am    Main St. Burglary Complaint. Investigation opened.

8:08am    Hornell Plaza. Larceny Complaint. Investigation opened.

8:42am    Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

9:48am    Headquarters. Officer stood by for child exchange.

11:11am  Hakes Ave. Subject passed out. Taken to St. James via HFD ambulance.

11:14am  Hornell Plaza. Vehicle Lockout. Officer gained access for owner.

11:56am  Elizabeth St. Arrest. Reckless Endangerment 1st, Menacing 2nd and Endangering the Welfare of a child.

1:20pm    West Main St. Parking Complaint. Unable to locate owner. Vehicle towed.

3:05pm    East Main St. Suspicious Condition. Someone may have tried to kick in door. Report completed.

4:01pm     Headquarters. Arrest. 3 Warrants.

4:16pm   Davenport St. Check Welfare. Subject located and was ok.

4:46pm   State St. Animal Complaint. Ducklings on street. DEC contacted.

4:49pm   Assist other Agency. High Speed pursuit heading toward Hornell. Units advised and posted. Pursuit changed route away from Hornell.

5:55pm   Veteran’s Memorial Park. Larceny Complaint. Investigation opened.

5:52pm   Hornell Plaza. Larceny. Investigation opened.

6:05pm   Willow Place. Motor Vehicle Accident. Accident report completed.

7:12pm    Swan St. Juvenile Incident. Parties spoken to.

7:14pm    River St. Check Welfare. Possible intoxicated person. Checked area. Unable to locate.

7:20pm    East Elm St. Juvenile Incident. Parties spoken to.

7:44pm    Elm St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

8:15pm    Jane St. Suspicious persons. Subjects walking around neighbor’s property. Subjects were waiting for a friend and were advised of the complaint.

8:22pm    East Main St. Found Property. License plate found. Returned to owner.

8:38pm    Broadway. Found Property. Debit card found. Returned to owner.

9:04pm    Crosby St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

9:05pm    Red Raider Drive. Civil. Windshield struck by baseball during game. Would like it documented.

9:13pm    Loder St. Disturbance. Subject yelling at people. Subject gone upon arrival.

9:39pm   Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

9:53pm   Old Almond Road. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

10:12pm  Property Check.

10:14pm  Armory Place. Medical Emergency. Officer assisted HFD ambulance.

11:00pm  Hornell St. Disturbance. Parties spoken to.

11:15pm  Canisteo St. Disturbance.  Parties spoken to.

11:43pm  River St. Check Welfare. Women hiding in bushes crying. Subject gone upon arrival.

11:43pm  Greeley Ave. Juvenile Complaint. Juveniles advised to stay off private property.


12:10am Property Check.

12:14am Property Check.

12:15am Property Check.

12:21am Property Check.

12:57am Maple City Drive. Fireworks complaint. Subjects advised to cease actions.

1:13am    Property Check.

1:27am    Property Check

2:38am    Armory Place. Disturbance.  Verbal argument. Subjects advised.

5:23am    2a-6a parking tickets.

8:19am    Residence Way. Disturbance. Subject advised.

10:28am  Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

11:11am  Headquarters. Sex Offender Registration.

12:06pm   Hornell Plaza. Motor Vehicle Accident /Hit and Run (Property Damage). Report taken. Investigation opened.

12:58pm   Hornell Plaza. Animal Complaint. Dog left in hot vehicle. Vehicle had left prior to officer’s arrival.

2:10pm    Headquarters. Walk in complaint. Domestic incident investigation opened.

2:40pm     Headquarters. Handicapped parking permit issued.

3:11pm     Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

3:45pm     Maple St. Assist other agency.

4:51pm     Adams Ave. Death Investigation.

5:00pm     Maple City Drive. Disabled motor vehicle. Assistance rendered.

6:13pm     Maple City Drive. Disabled motor vehicle. Vehicle left prior to officer’s arrival.

6:39pm  Hornell Plaza. Animal Complaint. Dog in hot vehicle. Vehicle was gone upon officer’s arrival.

7:00pm  Davenport St. Juvenile complaint. Patrol request.

7:30pm  East Ave. Found property.

8:15pm  Crosby St. Check Welfare. Subject lying on sidewalk. Subject was gone upon officer’s arrival.

8:56pm  Taylor St. Noise Complaint. Parties advised of their rights.

9:29pm  Cass St. Disturbance. Parties advised of their rights.

9:59pm   Collier St. Possible intoxicated driver. Check of area was negative.

10:51pm Property Check.

10:56pm River St. Suspicious Vehicle. Officers checked area with negative results.

11:21pm Main St. Traffic Stop. Operator advised.

11:45pm  East Ave. Bike Larceny. Report taken and units advised to be on the lookout.

11:50pm  Property Check.

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