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Triplets by John Tucker

City of Hornell Police Department reports for on July 10, 2023

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Officers register and document sex offenders, eliminate potentially rabid raccoon

From the City of Hornell PD,

12:16am  Hornell St. Residence Lockout. Officer accessed house for caller.

12:41am  Property Check.

12:57am  Property Check.

1:47am    Main St. Field interview.

2:32am    2am to 6am parking tickets.

2:50am    Property Check.

4:07am    Property Check.

4:11am    Property Check.

4:22am    Property Check.

4:33am    Property Check.

4:40am    Property Check.

6:47am    Headquarters. Sex Offender Registration form completed.

7:56am    Main St. Disable Vehicle. Vehicle was moved from the roadway.

8:38am    Maple St. Check Welfare. Subject located. All ok.

9:31am    Headquarters. Sex Offender Registration form completed.

9:21am    Church St. Court. Trespass. Unfounded

10:02am  Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

12:30pm  Cedar St. Disturbance. Parties spoken to.

1:12pm    Stephens St. Check Welfare. Possible suicidal subject. Officers spoke with subject who claimed he was not suicidal.

1:53pm    Main St. Funeral escort. Assistance rendered.

2:23pm    Seneca St. Alarm. Alarm was false.

3:16pm    Genesee St. Disturbance. Subject asked to leave the area.

3:48pm  Headquarters. Warrant arrest. Subject processed.

3:59pm  Headquarters. Fingerprints for employment.

4:59pm  West St. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

5:32pm  Headquarters. UTT dismissal form completed.

6:00pm Veterans Memorial Park. Animal Comp. Raccoon acting strange. Raccoon dispatched by officer.

7:00pm   Swan St. Juvenile incident. Juvenile revving engine of a motorized bike in front of residence. Officers checked area with negative results.

8:00pm   East Ave. Disturbance. Having problems with an individual. Wanted it documented.

8:21pm   Greeley Ave. Juvenile incident. Juvenile left residence upset. Juvenile returned home.

8:45pm   Maple City Drive. Traffic Stop. 1 UTT issued.

9:21pm   Stephens St. Juvenile Incident. Parties spoken to.

11:00pm Davenport St. Disturbance. Both parties advised of their rights.

11:21pm Bemis Ave. Suspicious Condition. Subject with pen laser. Subject advised not to point it at anyone.

11:42pm Property Check.

11:54pm Church St. Court. Criminal Mischief Complaint. Complaint unfounded.

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