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Another Steuben County Scam: Door to Door impersonators

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Impersonation of County Board of Elections Officials

BATH — Steuben County Board of Elections Commissioners Veronica Olin (R ) and Colleen Hauryski

(D) warn county residents the state Board of Elections has become aware of individuals across multiple counties throughout the state going door-to-door impersonating County Board of Elections staff.

Such action constitutes second degree Criminal Impersonation and is a class A misdemeanor.

According to the state board, these individuals are confronting voters regarding their registration status, and erroneously accusing voters of committing a crime because of how they appear in the state voter database.

“We are extremely alarmed by these actions. These individuals are impersonating government officials in an effort to intimidate voters based on inaccurate and misleading information,” said Raymond J. Riley III,

Co-Executive Director of the State Board of Elections. “We strongly encourage those engaging in these activities to cease immediately.”

County Board of Elections staff members work tirelessly year-round to ensure elections are safe and secure. They engage in extensive record-keeping processes in an ever-changing environment and are an integral part of protecting our democracy from bad actors, including those who are engaging in this current impersonation behavior, according to the state board.

“We want to assure all New Yorkers that any employee of the State or County Board of Elections would conduct themselves in a professional manner and willingly present identification when engaging with

voters,” said Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky, Co-Executive Director of the State Board of Elections. “When in doubt, please know you can always contact your State or County Board of Elections directly with any questions.”

If a voter is approached by someone claiming to be from the State or County Board of Elections, they are encouraged to immediately request identification. If the individual refuses or appears under suspicious circumstances, the State Board recommends collecting as much information as possible, not providing the individual with any personal information, and contacting local law enforcement to report the incident.

The State Board of Elections remains in close communication with the County Boards and law enforcement to monitor this situation.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen McGrath or Jennifer Wilson at the State Board of Elections at 518-474-1953 or by email at

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