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By Craig Braack

NY DEMS: MAGA Republicans’ Looming Government Shutdown Would Crush New York Families

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From the New York State Democratic Party

MAGA House Republicans continue to threaten New Yorkers’ livelihoods with a looming government shutdown as their party spirals further into chaos over their extreme agenda. In response, New York State Democratic Party Chair Jay S. Jacobs released the following statement:

“House Republicans have reached new extremes as they risk putting New Yorkers’ livelihoods in danger by threatening a government shutdown in pursuit of their MAGA agenda. Republicans are forcing families to brace for two extremes: a government shutdown that would devastate New Yorkers’ or extreme cuts that would raise costs and slash funding for child care, schools, and law enforcement, and more. A GOP government shutdown would have devastating consequences on our state but for Republicans like George Santos, Nick LaLota, Andrew Garbarino, Anthony D’Esposito, Nicole Malliotakis, Mike Lawler, Marc Molinaro, Elise Stefanik, Brandon Williams, Nick Langworthy, and Claudia Tenney, New Yorkers’ lives and families are just tools in their political stunts.”

Republicans’ extreme cuts would be a disaster for New Yorkers:

  • Would delay funding to help with New York’s asylum seeker crisis
  • 51,000 federal public servants in New York who won’t have a job to go to and risk losing pay
  • Fails to preserve access to critical food assistance for pregnant and postpartum women and young children, which over 400k+ individuals rely on in New York
  • Slashes funding food safety, education, law enforcement, housing, Head Start and child care, Meals on Wheels, and much more
  • Abandons our allies by withholding support for Ukraine
  • Fails to to provide urgent funding to counter fentanyl trafficking
  • Weaken security at the border by jeopardizing funding for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and officers

A MAGA government shutdown would be devastating for New Yorkers:

  • Over 20,000 service members could be forced to work without pay
  • Our national security could be weakened
  • Some essential inspections that ensure food safety and water quality could be delayed
  • Services from the Social Security Administration to support our seniors could be delayed
  • Disability payments for America’s veterans could be halted

Essential medical research into diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s could be stalled, and more

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