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Summerscape on Loon Lake By Tim McCarthy

Sean Stewart asks for the vote of the 8th Ward

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Community input, converting blight into parking, and advocating for the 8th Ward

I, Sean Stewart, believe that there should be more transparency in the city of Hornell. There should be no more presentations of proposals with intent to progress with major projects. I believe that there is a mentality that says “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you” concept within the current council. When it comes to major projects, I feel we should take a poll. The community should have a say in what they want. 

In the 8th ward there are a lot of vacant properties, some of which are very hazardous. They have been like this for many years. I would like to see these properties torn down and parking space provided for residents in the area for off street parking. This would accommodate  the ease when plowing the road in the winter as well as garbage nights, etc. 

Residents of the 8th ward feel that they have been overlooked in some neighborhoods, and that the city of Hornell does not do enough for them. This is why I am running for Alderman. I want to be able to help the community. I would honored to be that person to represent them at City Hall.

Thank you 

Sean Stewart 

8th Ward Alderman Candidate 

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