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Hornell Swim Senior Spotlight: Kaela Briggs and Gabriella Passero (photos and feature)

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Steve Harrison covered the Hornell Red Raiders swim team senior night and came away with great action photos as usual. However, he also took the time to get us some great photos of the seniors with their families, friends and coaches.

Steve also provided us with their information, funny memories and thank you’s!

Kaela Briggs

Parents: Sarah and James Briggs

Years of participation: 3 years

Future Plans: I plan to pursue Music Education and Music Therapy at SUNY Fredonia (although I haven’t auditioned or applied yet). I also want to continue swimming at college as well.

Best Memory: When our team went to Tom Wahl’s last year after a swim meet and Gabby chugged an entire glass of root beer in a frosted mug while wearing a Snuggy and Children’s Sunglasses.

Thank yous: Thank you to my mom and Mike and my dad and Krista for being my biggest supporters. You guys are the best cheerleaders and never fail to cook the most fire food for the fam.

Thank you Bella, Kayla, Vivi, Gabby, and both Rileys…(iykyk) for listening to me complain about how much I hate swimming but can’t live without it.

Thank you to Coach for never failing to let our team know our worth, for pushing us towards greatness, and for never giving up on us. Even though you started coaching for us this year, you have left an impact that I’ll always remember.

Lastly, thank you to my wonderful sister Abbey for being the most caring and kind human I know. You mean the world to me!

Gabriella Passero

Parents: Chris and Heather Passero

Years of participation: 4 years

Future Plans: Attend college for Agriculture

Best Memory: Singing party in the USA on the way home from sectionals in the Suburban.

Thank yous: Thank you to my Mom, Dad, Grandma Smith and all of my family for supporting me through the years. I never could have done it without you guys. I also want to thank my swim team for being so supportive and Evie and Marge for dealing with me for the last few years. I’ll miss you guys and the rest of the team so much. I also want to thank my coaches, Jimmy and Ms. Hazard for always believing in me and pushing me to be the best I can be.


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