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By Craig Braack

This Saturday in Hornell is “Beyond the British Invasion,” meet the HAWE behind the music

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Learn more about the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble before seeing the concert

“HAWE has become a cherished cultural cornerstone in Hornell”

With their upcoming concert, ‘Beyond the British Invasion,’ scheduled for Saturday, October 14th at 7:30 PM in the Hornell High School auditorium, we thought it might be an opportune time to introduce you to the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble (HAWE)!

HAWE is a captivating musical ensemble that calls Hornell, New York, its home. For those unfamiliar with the vibrant group, HAWE is a musical gem that has been enthralling audiences and nurturing musical talent since its inception.

Founded in 1984, HAWE has grown into a formidable presence in the world of wind music. It’s a community-based ensemble that brings together musicians of all ages and backgrounds, all united by their passion for wind music. HAWE is under the guidance of dedicated directors and conductors who help raise the musical bar for community-based musical groups.

What sets HAWE apart is its inclusive spirit. Musicians of all skill levels are welcomed with open arms, creating an environment where beginners can learn, and experienced players can shine. This approach has made HAWE a nurturing ground for budding musicians and a source of inspiration for those looking to explore the world of wind instruments.

HAWE’s repertoire is a diverse tapestry that spans classical compositions to contemporary pieces. Their performances showcase the incredible versatility of wind instruments and leave audiences spellbound with the rich tapestry of sounds they create.

But HAWE is more than just a performing ensemble. It’s deeply committed to its community. The group frequently collaborates with local schools, providing educational opportunities for students to learn from experienced musicians. This outreach is a testament to HAWE’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians and fostering a lifelong love for music among Hornell’s youth.

Over the years, HAWE has grown not only in size but also in reputation. Their performances are eagerly anticipated events, drawing music enthusiasts from both near and far to experience the magic of live wind music. With their unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement, HAWE has become a cherished cultural cornerstone in Hornell.

To sum up, the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble is a wonderful example of how music can bring a community together. Through their inclusive approach, diverse repertoire, and dedication to education, HAWE continues to inspire and captivate, leaving an indelible mark on Hornell and reminding us all of the enduring beauty of wind music. To truly experience the harmony they create, one must witness HAWE’s performances in person and become part of the musical journey that defines this exceptional ensemble.

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Photo by Syrena Lynn Carver
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