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Steuben GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski Encourages Voters To Support The Republican Ticket In Hornell

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From Joe Sempolinski,

With early voting starting tomorrow and Election Day just around the corner, Steuben County Republican Chairman Joe Sempolinski encourages the people of Hornell to support the Republican ticket for in the city.

“We have a great team running this year” Sempolinski stated. “Sometimes local elections don’t get the attention of national or state races, but local races matter so much to people’s everyday lives. The current Republican administration in Hornell City Hall has been a dramatic improvement in both productivity and transparency over the previous administration. To keep this momentum going, please support your Republican candidates.”

The Republican ticket in Hornell consists of:

City Chamberlain- Michele Smith
Steuben County Legislator- Paul VanCaeseele
1st Ward Council- David Sutfin
2nd Ward Council- Christina Hancock
3rd Ward Council- Joseph McKay
4th Ward Council- Steve Peck
5th Ward Council- Daniel Warriner
6th Ward Council- Lita Brown
7th Ward Council- Kevin Valentine
8th Ward Council- James Bassage
9th Ward Council- Robert Colucci

Sempolinski also highlighted the contested races in the city. “I especially hope voters in the 1st, 4th, 6th and 8th wards will come out and support the Republican team. These races have active contests and will determine the future direction of Hornell”

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