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Alfred Town Talk: New Alfred University athletic project on Jericho Hill presented to public

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Dan Acton, Supervisor

Saxon Fields

Town residents packed the boardroom to hear engineers Clark Patterson Lee’s (CPL) presentation of Alfred University’s proposed expansion of Saxon Fields on Jericho Hill. Residents had many questions about the proposal which were answered in turn by the engineers and the board. CPL engineers referenced site plans that are available for all to see at the town website. Among the wide range of issues discussed were the following:

  1.  Addition of an emergency access road that would intersect County Road 12 and an updated traffic study.
  2. Visual barriers along County Road 12 that have been designed and will be added to the visuals.
  3. A sound level study that showed the range of sound emissions from the project.
  4. Consideration of signage and lighting at the intersection of Kenyon and County Road 12.
  5. Lighting on the playing fields.
  6. Water usage, which will come from an on-site well.
  7. Sewage, which will be treated by a septic tank and leach field. The design must be approved by the county health department.
  8. Water runoff will be controlled by bioretention and a holding pond. This must be approved by DEC.
  9. Parking for events, which will be on site.

A site plan review will be needed as well as a traffic review by the county to complete the project application. When completed the board will hold a public hearing on the application to get additional community input.

The meeting concluded by dealing with usual business items.

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