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Steuben County Takes Significant Stride in Climate Action with $511,125 Grant

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Steuben County is making substantial progress in its fight against climate change with a remarkable financial boost from New York State. A hefty grant of $511,125, recently announced by Governor Hochul’s Office, has been awarded to the Steuben County Soil and Water Conservation District. The grant is destined to fund the construction of a vital manure storage facility with a unique purpose.

In partnership with a local dairy farm, this facility will be designed to combat climate change head-on. It’s all part of the state’s concerted efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change by adopting innovative agricultural practices.

This state-of-the-art facility will play a pivotal role in reducing methane emissions, addressing water quality concerns, and ensuring a sustainable farming future. Its primary function is to efficiently separate solids from manure, keeping them in a dry state. Not only does this process minimize the volume of manure in storage, but it also recycles the dried manure solids for use as livestock bedding. By doing so, it reduces the need for imported bedding materials, ultimately creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming operation.

This financial backing comes through the seventh round of the Climate Resilient Farming Grant Program, a state initiative operating under New York’s Agricultural Environmental Management framework. The program’s objective is to aid farmers in adapting to the challenges posed by climate change, particularly in light of the increasing frequency of severe weather events in the state.

Richard A. Ball, New York’s Agriculture Commissioner, emphasized the program’s significant role in providing concrete solutions in the battle against climate change while supporting farmers. In the most recent funding cycle, a substantial sum of nearly $16 million was allocated to 116 farms across New York State. All of these projects are under the stewardship of county Soil and Water Conservation Districts, collectively marking a significant stride toward more climate-resilient farming practices statewide.

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