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Hornell Police release logs for November 6, 7, & 8

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Multiple hit and run accidents, working hand-in-hand with the Hornell Fire Department

From the City of Hornell Police Department,


12:29am     Property check.

12:33am     Property check.

1:24am       Property check.

1:32am       Property check.

2:20am       Property check.

2:26am       Property check.

2:34am       Property check.

2:40am       Property check.

7:48am       School detail.

8:03am       Animal complaint on River St. Owner advised of the complaint.

8:31am       Dismissed UTT

8:44am       Field interview report Adsit St.

9:24am       Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. Operator advised.

9:59am       Traffic accident vehicle vs. bike on Main St. Vehicle left scene. Investigation opened.

10:34am    Court paperwork delivered.

12:11pm    Walk in domestic incident complaint. Investigation opened.

12:52pm    Lost dog on Alley Ave. Dog located.

1:17pm      Dismissed UTT.

1:18pm      Vehicle lockout on River St. Access gained.

1:30pm      Summons for court issued on Catherine St.

1:40pm      Criminal summons check on Pine St. Subject not at residence.

2:10pm       Dismissed UTT.

2:10pm       Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

3:32pm       Handicapped parking permit issued.

4:05pm       Welfare check on North Main St. Unable to locate subject.

4:33pm        Handicapped parking permit issued.

4:52pm       Disturbance on East Main St. Parties advised of their options.

6:20pm       Check welfare of subject on RR tracks. Subject located and turned over to HFD.

6:27pm       Check welfare of subject at The Residences. Subject located and turned over to HFD.

6:34pm       Suspicious person on East Ave. Subject advised of the complaint.

6:46pm       Dismissed UTT.

7:33pm       Motor vehicle complaint on Hornell St. Patrol advised.

7:50pm       Be on the lookout for patient that left St. James. Subject located and retuned to St. James.

7:55pm       Suspicious person on Park Dr. Subject had left area.

8:02pm       Medical emergency on Genesee St. Subject located and turned over to HFD.

8:22pm       Larceny complaint on Maple St. Investigation opened.

9:12pm       Disabled vehicle on Main St. Assistance rendered.

9:25pm       Parking complaint at Hornell Plaza. Vehicle moved.

10:41pm     Background check.

11: 41pm    Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.


12:11am       Medical emergency o Genesee St. Transported to St. James.

12:36am       Traffic stop on Mill St. UTT issued.

12:57am       Property check.

12:58am       Property check.

1:03am         Property check.

2:19am         Property check.

2:20am         Property check.

2:24pm         Property check.

2:25am         Property check.

2:34am         Property check.

9:55am         Vehicle lockout on East Ave. Access gained.

9:56am         Funeral escort.

9:57am         Headquarters. Female arrest for two Bench Warrants for failing to appear.

10:37am      Suspicious person on Crosby St. Subject was a worker for the City of Hornell.

11:01am      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive. UTT issued.

2:06pm        Check welfare on Cameron Ave. Subject located and ok.

2:08pm        Disabled vehicle on Maple City Drive. Assistance rendered.

2:33pm        Dismissed UTT.

3:21pm        Dismissed 3 UTT’s.

3:35pm        Dismissed UTT.

3:59pm        Juvenile incident on River St. Juveniles advised to stay off property.

5:29pm       Dismissed UTT.

5:35pm       Harassment complaint on Catherine St. Subject advised to cease actions.

6:28pm       Animal complaint on River St. Deceased cat disposed of.

6:34pm       Fight on W. Vanscoter St. Group broken up and sent on their way.

6:59pm       Found Cash App Card on Main St. Returned to owner.

7:21pm       Juveniles throwing rocks at cars. Officers spoke with Juveniles and parents.

7:45pm       Medical emergency on North Church St. Turned over to HFD.


12:39am      Property check.

12:44am      Property check.

1:08am        Property check.

1:15am        Property check.

1:22am        Property check.

1:28am        Property check.

1:45am        Property check.

1:08am        Traffic stop on Maple City Dr. Operator advised.

7:55am        Bench warrant arrest for failure to appear.

8:26am        School detail.

8:36am        Dismissed UTT.

8:49am        Disturbance on Seneca St. Subject sent on his way.

10:04am      Check welfare on Stephens St. Subject located and ok.

10:07am      Found property on Greeley Ave. Matter documented.

10:19am      Neighbor problem on Main St. Subject requests same be documented.

10:35am      Dismissed UTT.

10:38am      Dismissed UTT.

11:04am      Motor vehicle on Monroe Ave. Report completed.

11:16am      Sex Offender change of address form completed.

12:26pm      Found property on Allen St. Property placed in evidence.

1:42pm       Larceny complaint at Hornell Plaza. Investigation opened.

2:00pm       Court paperwork delivered.

3:04pm       Juvenile incident on Main St. Juveniles left area.

3:16pm       Harassment on Hornell St. Subject advised to cease actions.

3:40pm       Juvenile incident. Juvenile and parent advised of the complaint.

3:53pm       Vehicle lockout on Sherman St. Access gained.

4:02pm       Dismissed UTT.

4:12pm       Traffic stop on Maple City Dr. Operator advised.

10:49pm     Motor vehicle accident/Hit and run on Adams Ave. Operator arrested for Driving while intoxicated.

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