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Fucci, Sciotti Recognized for Years of Service at Water Treatment Plant

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Over 100 years of service to the City of Hornell, providing clean drinking water

From the City of Hornell, pictured are Commissioner Joe Liberto, Commissioner Jared Zigenfus, Operator Anthony Sciotti, Chief Operator Lenny Fucci, Mayor John Buckley

During the November Board of Public Works meeting, Lenny Fucci, Chief Operator and Anthony Sciotti, Operator, were recognized for their exceptional commitment, each surpassing the milestone of 50 years of service at the City of Hornell Water Treatment Plant.

Mayor John Buckley celebrated their dedication to the City of Hornell, remarking, “In an era marked by frequent job changes, Lenny and Tony’s commitment and dedication, spanning over five decades with the City of Hornell and its Water Treatment Plant, is truly remarkable. Much of their work goes unseen by the public. To help keep the facility in continuous operation, Lenny and Tony have routinely worked nights, weekends, holidays, and overnights throughout their storied careers. For over 50 years, they have ensured high-quality drinking water for residents and continue to deliver a high level of service to our community. We greatly appreciate all they have done and continue to do.”

Board of Public Works Commissioner Joe Liberto echoed the Mayor’s sentiments, “Their dedication goes beyond excellence and is evident to anyone who has witnessed their work at the Water Treatment Plant. We appreciate all they have done to provide quality service to the City of Hornell.”

Chief Operator Lenny Fucci expressed gratitude for the recognition, “I’d like to thank the Mayor, the Board, and the City of Hornell residents for entrusting and employing us for over 50 years. Thank you.”

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