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Hornell City Police reports for December 12-14

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Traffic patrol, multiple arrests, and public lewdness at the Hornell Plaza


12:07am      Property check.

12:09am      Traffic stop on East Main St.

12:16am      Property check.

12:26am      Property check.

12:36am      Property check.

12:58am      Property check.

1:07am        Property check.

1:34am        Property check.

2:33am        Property check.

8:02am        School safety detail.

10:33am     Found property.

11:16am     Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

11:18am     Special Detail on East Ave.

12:28pm     Subpoenas entered in RMS.

2:00pm       Assist Parole on Delaware Ave.

2:10pm       Dismiss UTT.

2:18pm       Suspicious person in City Lot 1.

2:35pm       Vehicle lockout in Hornell Plaza.

2:30pm       Parking complaint on Buffalo St.

3:01pm       Dismiss UTT.

3:05pm       Issued lost plate form.

3:15pm      Noise complaint on Old Almond Rd.

3:37pm      Assist other agency.

4:10pm      Dismiss UTT.

4:48pm      3 subpoenas served.

5:43pm      Motor vehicle accident in Hornell Plaza.

5:43pm      Traffic stop on W. Main St.

6:08pm      Missing juvenile complaint. Located.

6:13pm      Motor vehicle complaint on Seneca St.

8:40pm      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

8:58pm      Property check.

9:58pm      Traffic stop on Thacher St.

11:41pm    Patrol request on Broadway.


12:20am      Property check.

12:29am      Property check.

12:40am      Property check.

12:47am      Property check.

12:48am      Property check.

12:58am      Property check.

1:18am        Property check.

2:01am        Field interview report at Hornell Plaza.

5:03am        911 Hang up call on Leach Ave.

6:44am        Warrant entry into RMS.

8:16am        School safety detail.

8:38am        Animal complaint on Glen Ave.

9:12am        Dismiss UTT.

9:14am        Court paperwork delivered to City Court.

9:25am        Lost plate form issued.

10:03am      Traffic stop on Old Almond Road.

10:26am      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

10:56am      Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

10:55am      Criminal Summons arrest on Dennis Ave. for Dog at Large.

11:36am      Animal complaint on E. Vanscoter St.

11:36am      Background investigation.

12:31pm     Larceny complaint on Taylor St.

1:18pm       Handicapped parking permit issued.

1:19pm       Traffic stop on Dennis Ave.

1:20pm       Traffic stop on Center St.

1:36pm       Neighbor dispute on Reynolds Ave.

1:39pm       Assist citizen on Elizabeth St.

2:08pm       Hazardous condition on Pardee St.

2:09pm       Background check.

3:05pm       Criminal mischief complaint on Main St.

3:23pm       Parking complaint on Sawyer St. Site.

3:32pm       Motor vehicle complaint on Center St.

3:34pm       Background check.

3:35pm       Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

4:07pm       Check welfare on Henry St.

4:37pm       Suspicious persons on Canisteo St.

7:36pm       Traffic stop on Seneca St.

8:28pm       Property check.

10:24pm     Assist HFD with medical emergency on Henry St.


12:06am      Property check.

12:30am      Property check.

12:36am      Property check.

1:15am        Property check.

2:30am        Property check.

2:37am        Property check.

2:47am        Property check.

3:27am        Property check.

5:05am        Foot patrol in Business district.

7:12am        Check welfare on E. Washington St.

7:34am        Trespass complaint on Genesee St.

8:13am        School safety detail.

9:51am        Arrest on River St. for Grand Larceny 3rd.

11:02am     Fingerprints for arrestee.

1:28pm       Residential lockout on Dennis Ave.

2:54pm       Car vs. Train accident on Taylor St. No injuries.

3:38pm       Found property. Placed in property locker.

3:56pm       Arrest on Cottage Ave. for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th.

4:05pm       Disturbance on Leach Ave.

4:32pm       Motor vehicle complaint on Seneca St.

4:37pm       Assist other agency.

5:01pm       Dismiss UTT.

5:49pm       Disturbance on Allen St.

6:06pm       Missing person on Adsit St. Located.

6:40pm       Traffic stop on East Ave.

6:43pm       Subpoena served on Armory Place.

7:44pm       Suspicious person on Elizabeth St.

8:49pm       Malfunctioning RR crossing. Norfolk Southern advised.

10:18pm     Assisted HFD with medical emergency on W. Pine St.

10:33pm     Disturbance on Seneca St.

10:41pm     Assist other agency.

10:45pm     Public lewdness complaint at Hornell plaza.

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