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A Night of Elegance and Enchantment: Adult Prom Set to Light Up Hornell on Valentine’s Day Weekend

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Join the party at The Main Place, 251 Main Street Hornell NY

By: Johanna Elattar, pictured are hostesses Natalie Common and Brittney Weakland

Get ready for an upcoming night of opulence, romance, and enchantment as Hornell eagerly anticipates the hosting of the Adult Prom on February 17th, coinciding with the Valentine’s Day weekend. This spectacular event is the brainchild of the dynamic duo, Brittney Weakland and Natalie Common, distinguished personalities associated with the prestigious “Beauty Boutique” situated at 324 N. Main Street in Wellsville. Brace yourselves for an extraordinary evening that promises to be a tapestry of memories for all fortunate attendees.

The inception of the Adult Prom traces back to the insightful realization of Brittney Weakland. With a keen eye, she identified the missed high school prom experiences of many and recognized a void in Hornell’s entertainment landscape. Amidst the flourishing bars and restaurants, vibrant events were notably absent. Driven by a passionate desire to bridge this gap, Weakland conceptualized the Adult Prom as a golden opportunity for those who never had the chance to attend prom, offering them their inaugural taste of this timeless celebration.

Mark your calendars for a four-hour extravaganza, starting at 7:00 pm and concluding at 11:00 pm. The decree of the night is formal attire, with jeans and t-shirts strictly forbidden. The organizers have capped attendance at a modest 300, and with over 100 tickets already sold, the palpable enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding this extraordinary event are unmistakable. Yet, this soirée transcends mere revelry; it is a benevolent endeavor with all proceeds earmarked for Turning Point, a branch of Catholic Charities. As attendees immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere, they simultaneously contribute to a noble cause, creating memories that resonate beyond the confines of the dance floor.

Step into the enchanting world of “Enchanted Night,” the chosen theme that promises to transform the venue into a mystical forest. DJ Jason McCool will orchestrate the ambiance, while photographer Lauren Morehouse immortalizes fleeting moments. Revelers can anticipate a photo booth, delectable refreshments, and the grandeur of a king and queen of the prom being crowned. A well-stocked bar awaits, accompanied by a tantalizing raffle offering the chance to win coveted prizes. Each attendee receives a complimentary raffle ticket upon entry, with the option to purchase additional tickets at the affordable price of $25 for an arm’s length.

Local businesses, including stalwarts like The Max, Garcia’s Barber Shop, and the Hornell movie theater, have generously rallied behind this enchanting endeavor, infusing a communal spirit into the celebration and making it a collaborative triumph.

As the final notes of the last dance fade away, the festivities seamlessly transition to an “after party” organized by Biggie’s of Hornell, extending the jubilation from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am, ensuring that the night concludes with a resounding crescendo.

Looking ahead, Brittney Weakland envisions even grander plans, expressing her aspirations for a Halloween dance in October 2024, where attendees can unleash their creativity through elaborate costumes, promising yet another unforgettable experience.

Contact either Brittney Weakland or Natalie Common for Tickets

Tickets for this unparalleled Adult Prom are priced at $25 and can be acquired in cash at Beauty Boutique in Wellsville. Alternatively, eager attendees can secure their spot by reaching out directly to Brittney Weakland at 607-385-6948. Hornell residents, prepare to embark on an enchanted night, weaving memories that will echo through the corridors of time.

Johanna Elattar is a Hornell NY based writer who has a special interest in human stories, community special interest pieces, ghost stories, and now nightlife! You can reach her anytime at,, to read more of her work just search the our page for “Johanna.”

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