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Sunset Along the Canisteo River by Janie L. Ferguson.

Hornell City Police work for January 7-9

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Officers report 114 actions in only three days


12:52am              Property check.

12:54am              Property check.

1:09am                Parking ticket issued on Hornell St.

1:13am                Assist citizen on Olive Place.

1:28am                Property check.

1:46am                Property check.

1:49am                Property check.

2:08am                Parking ticket issued on Hill St.

2:19am                Property check.

2:26am                Property check.

2:39am                Property check.

6:34am                Suspicious condition on Maple St.

9:17am                Community engagement on Seneca St.

9:54am                Traffic stop on Jane St.

10:06am              Traffic stop on Mill St.

11:04am              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

11:22am              Traffic stop on Mill St.

11:23am              Animal complaint on Mill St.

11:29am              Alarm on Loder St.

11:51am              Traffic stop on Red Raider Drive.

12:08pm              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

12:17pm              Traffic stop on Center St.

12:25pm              Traffic stop on Erie Ct.

12:27pm              Traffic stop on Main St.

12:54pm              Assist citizen at Headquarters.

1:11pm                Assist citizen on East Ave.

1:57pm                Traffic stop on East Ave.

3:20pm                Assist citizen on Pine St.

3:35pm                Medical emergency on Genesee St.

4:35pm                Noise complaint on Greeley Ave.

5:58pm                Harassment complaint on Terry St.

8:07pm                Check welfare on State St.

9:03pm                Harassment complaint on Albion St.

11:35pm              Noise complaint on Scott St.

11:38pm              Disturbance on East Ave.


12:36am              Property check.

12:44am              Property check.

12:48am              Noise complaint on Scott St.

12:56am              Property check.

1:16am                Property check.

1:35am                Property check.

1:41am                Property check.

1:47am                Property check.

2:36am                Property check.

4:05am                Assist citizen on Stephens St.

5:53am                Suspicious person on North Church St.

6:14am                Traffic stop on Hakes Ave.

7:20am                Assist citizen on Albion St.

10:43am              Traffic stop on Maple St.

12:06pm              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

12:20pm              Animal complaint on Canisteo St.

4:07pm                Disturbance on Canisteo St.

5:34pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

8:44pm                Disturbance on East Ave.

11:00pm              Criminal Contempt complaint on Main St.


12:03am              Property check.

12:07am              Property check.

12:15am              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

12:41am              Property check.

1:03am                Property check.

1:05am                Property check.

1:11am                Property check.

1:30am                Disturbance on Spruce St.

1:59am                Assault complaint on Canisteo St.

4:18am                Property check.

4:39am                Property check.

8:15am                School detail.

9:23am                Check welfare on River St.

9:30am                Background check for Hornell Housing.

10:11am              Check welfare on Stephens St.

10:13am              Check welfare on Greeley Ave.

10:37am              Court paperwork delivered.

10:42am              Traffic stop on Pearl St.

11:00am              Criminal Summons arrest on River St. for Harassment in the Second Degree.

11:00am              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

11:03am              Traffic stop on Main St.

11:05am              Funeral escort.

11:12am              Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

11:19am              Traffic stop on Broadway.

11:19am              Traffic stop on Red Raider Drive.

11:29am              2 background checks for contractor permits.

11:41am              Motor vehicle accident at Hornell Plaza.

12:09pm              Assist citizen on Maple City Drive.

12:17pm              Escort for Alstom.

12:28pm              Dismiss UTT for Hornell City Court.

1:07pm                Background check for contractor permit.

1:29pm                Issued handicapped parking permit.

1:57pm                Traffic stop on Canisteo St.

2:07pm                Suspicious condition on Washington St.

2:10pm                Traffic stop on Elm St.

2:18pm                Found property on Loder St.

2:23pm                Issued handicapped parking permit.

2:28pm                Traffic stop on Main St.

2:47pm                Disturbance on East Washington St.

3:40pm                Dismiss UTT.

3:40pm                Medical emergency at Hornell Plaza.

3:49pm                Dismiss UTT for Hornell City Court.

3:49pm                Traffic stop on Red Raider Drive.

3:54pm                Traffic stop on Red Raider Drive.

4:06pm                Disturbance on East Washington St.

4:12pm                Disturbance on Hakes Ave.

4:27pm                Dismiss UTT for Hornell City Court.

4:36pm                Dismiss UTT.

4:42pm                Field Interview Report on Canisteo St.

6:56pm                Traffic stop on Park Drive.

5:35pm                Noise complaint on Greeley Ave.

6:36pm                Vehicle unlock on Pine St.

7:50pm                Traffic stop on Buffalo St.

8:04pm                Traffic stop on East Main St.

8:13pm                Animal complaint on River St.

8:24pm                Assist citizen at Headquarters.

8:28pm                911 hang-up call on Greeley Ave.

8:42pm                Check welfare on Crosby St.

9:59pm                Suspicious condition on Seneca St.

11:27pm              Suspicious vehicle on Park Dr.

11:42pm              Traffic stop on North Main St.

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