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Column: Jericho Hill towering failure; a wireless WAKE UP CALL !

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“There is now a measureable increase in exposure to microwave radiation as a result of the Jericho Hill tower modification”

by Frederick Sinclair

The Town of Alfred Planning Board spent several months reviewing the Building Permit application to install 4GLTE/5G wireless antennas on the existing 312 foot high Jericho Hill telecommunications tower. In performing the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) process, as part of the town review,  potentially significant negative impacts were identified and a dozen nearby residents, as well as state and federal agencies commented. Issues of possible significant negative impact to public health, adjacent agriculture, property values and altimeters of low flying aircraft (Mercy Flight and Wellsville air traffic) were identified under the review.  The potential impacts anticipated from the high frequency more powerful microwave tower emissions, were assembled into a  SEQR Positive Impact Statement , formally adopted and published in the appropriate NYS DEC public notice bulletin. The town notified the tower operators (applicant) that, under SEQR Law, a Environmental Impact Statement would be required. The applicant challenged the town’s right to require such a study, under protection of relaxed federal FCC regulation. The failure to enact a specific local town zoning law, requiring heightened level of wireless review, weakened the town position. The threat of a lengthy and expensive lawsuit, along with legal analysis and recommendation of the Town Attorney, led to the issuance of a permit to install the antenna array. It was at that point that I resigned from the Town Planning Board and resolved to shed light on the issues in a more direct and free public forum. 

There is now a measureable increase in exposure to microwave radiation as a result of the Jericho Hill tower modification. Two more recent wireless systems have added 5G antenna arrays in addition to the existing 6 towers located within the Village of Alfred. Considering the numerous wireless devices 30,000 +, Wifi in residences businesses and dormitories,  vehicles with Lidar (radar), and thousands of orbiting satellites promoting rooftop and ground station receivers, we conclude the levels of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) exposure will steadily increase in the  already saturated Alfred area.  Numerous studies and reports, identifying the hazards of wireless radiation, beg the question: is it worth it?  Several samplings in local residences and buildings, including both campuses, have identified dirty electricity, in the electric wiring,  emitting extremely high and harmful electriomagnetic fields. The combined sources of EMR are a newly recognized form of air pollution referred to as Electrosmog.  

The negative impacts to health, from long term exposure to these un-natural sources of electromagnetic radiation, can no longer be ignored. The dangers of unbridled expansion of wireless usage and high levels of dirty electricity must be acknowledged and contained.


  • To all school boards and administrators: on behalf of the health of students and staff,  please review and consider the  recommendations available from
  • To students: become informed as to effects of EMR exposure by reviewing the Bioinitiative Report ( ), find and follow  the warnings provided on your wireless devices, use airplane mode or shutdown to reduce exposure, recognize and confront  screen addiction.
  • To the Town of Alfred: continue development and adoption of a local zoning law and wireless permitting process which protects and exercises the town’s right to review and guide the deployment of all sources of EMR pollution.
  • To the Village of Alfred: enact  a local zoning law in concert with the Town and jointly investigate the Chattanooga Tennessee and the Utah based Utopia Network system  which have  implemented  municipally controlled access to fiber optics.  Such a system is healthy, faster, cyber secure, creates jobs, provides steady and economical service, spurs on economic development and provides ‘future proof’ ability to service increased demand.  Investigate the 49 Billion federal BEAD dollars which are proposed to assist in developing broadband delivery systems. Such an innovative municipal fiber optic project could be a tax base supporting source of revenue create jobs and close the digital divide once and for all.
  • To the public: seek out more information, review the science which provides proof of our need to act, visit good websites for info.  The Environmental Health Trust wireless-health-effects/  and ART at

This is our WAKE UP CALL ! Contact Frederick Sinclair at or call 607 247 5032 to discuss, offer your opinions and join in this effort.

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