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NYS Supreme Court to depose Steuben County leaders in Sheriff Allard insurance lawsuit

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Court seeks to learn if former Chairman Scott VanEtten “acted in bad faith,” READ COURT DOCUMENTS

By Andrew Harris

In early October 2023, the Steuben County Legislature voted to remove insurance protections for the county sheriff. James Allard, longtime Steuben County Sheriff, was stunned by the move that he describes as:

“…that stripped me of the legal defense and indemnification against lawsuits that the County Legislature unanimously gave me just six years ago; and imposed an unlawful requirement on me to purchase millions of dollars in liability insurance.”

Allard promised to take the county to court to return the insurance protection to his office, read that previous reporting here:

Today Allard announced that legal effort is still well underway with opening oral arguments set to begin in mid-April 2024. The sheriff noted that a motion to have the Supreme Court depose the previous Chairman of the Steuben County Legislature was granted.

Allard contends that Steuben County leaders acted in bad faith with the surprise move and the limited deposition is to determine the validity of Allard’s claim.

From the Office of Steuben County Sheriff James Allard:

Decision and Order NYS Supreme Court Leave to Depose Steuben County Legislator

Attached find the complete ruling of NYS Supreme Court granting a limited deposition of a Steuben County Legislator to determine material and necessary evidence to establish whether the County acted in bad faith in the passage of Steuben County Resolution (183-23)

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