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Two days on patrol: City of Hornell Police Department logs for February 21-22

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Officers handle multiple distrubances, domestic disputes, motor vehicle accidents


1:00am                Property check.

1:44am                Property check.

1:49am                Property check.

1:50am                Property check.

1:55am                Property check.

2:08am                Property check.

2:24am                Property check.

2:53am                Property check.

9:11am                Traffic stop on West Main St.

9:50am                Disturbance on Terry St.

10:18am              Dismissed UTT.

10:43am              Disturbance on East Ave.

11:11am              Disturbance on Cottage Ave.

12:08pm              Patrol request on Jane St.

12:44pm              Juvenile incident on Terry St.

12:54pm              Check welfare on Mill St.

1:31pm                Handicapped parking permit issued.

2:54pm                Residential lockout on Maple City Drive.

2:55pm                Domestic incident on Terry St.

3:24pm                Found property at Veterans Memorial Park.

3:43pm                Motor vehicle accident on Maple City Drive.

3:57pm                Dismissed 2 UTT’s.

4:04pm                Dismissed UTT.

4:05pm                Assist citizen on River St.

4:13pm                Juvenile incident at Shawmut Park.

5:02pm                Vehicle lockout on Connector Drive.

5:13pm                Handicapped parking permit issued.

5:52pm                Dismissed UTT.

5:59pm                Check welfare on Taylor St.

6:49pm                Harassment complaint on Catherine St.

7:40pm                Motor vehicle accident on River St.

7:41pm                Noise complaint on Dennis Ave.

7:56pm                Dismissed UTT.

8:26pm                Disturbance on Terry St.

8:38pm                Hazardous condition on Seneca St.

10:19pm              Disturbance on Terry St.


12:05am              Suspicious vehicle on Seneca St.

12:27am              Property check.

12:30am              Property check.

12:57am              Property check.

1:24pm                Property check.

1:26am                Property check.

1:52am                Property check.

1:54am                Property check.

2:01am                Property check.

8:47am                Court paperwork delivered.

9:55am                Property check.

11:07am              Motor vehicle accident on Loder St.

11:40am              Assist HFD on Monroe Ave.

11:54am              Traffic stop on Canisteo St.

12:44pm              Suspicious vehicle at Hornell Plaza.

1:03pm                Traffic stop on Monroe Ave.

1:45pm                Traffic stop on Canisteo St.

2:14pm                Suspicious condition on Howard St.

2:36pm                Warrant check on Duane St.

3:25pm                Traffic stop on W. Main St.

3:32pm                Assist other agency on John St.

3:56pm                Check welfare on Platt St.

4:10pm                Lost plate form completed.

4:36pm                Background check for contracting permit.

4:43pm                Medical emergency on Erie Ct.

4:44pm                Motor vehicle complaint on Maple City Drive.

5:15pm                Suspicious condition on Grand St.

5:31pm                Handicapped parking permit issued.

5:40pm                Assist citizen on Vincent St.

6:40pm                Disabled vehicle on Park Drive.

6:45pm                Traffic stop on Adsit St.

6:51pm                Assist citizen on Main St.

7:03pm                Traffic stop on W. Main St.

7:19pm                Suspicious person on Taylor St.

9:16pm                Suspicious condition on Buffalo St.

9:20pm                Animal complaint on East Main St.

9:34pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

9:41pm                Traffic stop on Maple City Drive.

10:09pm              Check welfare on Cemetery Rd.

11:31pm              Traffic stop on Frank St.

11:55pm              Property check.

11:55pm              Traffic stop on Canisteo St.

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