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Assemblyman Giglio Calls for Safe, Affordable Childcare

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Joins Colleagues to Unveil Proposals to Support Parents and Reduce Costs

From the Office of NY Assemblyman Joseph Giglio,

ALBANY – Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio (R,C-Gowanda) joined his colleagues in the Assembly Republican Conference Monday to introduce the “Affordable Blueprint for Childcare (ABC) Plan.”

The ABC Plan is a three-pronged proposal that offers increased tax incentives to childcare providers and families, expanded access to early childhood education and reforms to increase accessibility and affordability of childcare.

“Our goal is to support families and help them access quality, affordable daycare and childcare services. The proposals we introduced Monday would save the average New York family more than $2,300 a year,” Assemblyman Giglio said.

The assemblyman said families across the state, particularly in rural communities, struggle to find the quality, affordable childcare services they need so parents can go to work secure in the knowledge that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment.

“This is about children and families, but it’s also about our economy. You can’t work if you can’t find childcare. Hard-working fathers and mothers deserve the peace of mind of knowing their children are safe,” Assemblyman Giglio said. “That’s why I’m grateful Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay has made this issue a priority.”

A survey found that nearly half of all New York parents struggle to find consistent, quality childcare for their young children who haven’t reached school age.

“Everyone recognizes that early childhood development and education have a lifelong positive impact. We need to ensure our kids have the resources the support they need to succeed later in life,” Assemblyman Giglio said.

Studies have shown that by providing funding directly to families and businesses, the child poverty rate is significantly reduced and access to quality childcare programs becomes more readily available. The Republican’s ABC proposal would result in roughly$1 billion in savings for families currently struggling with the costs of childcare. These proposals include:

Providing increased tax incentives to both providers and families:

  • Increasing the Empire State child credit amount to 45% of the federal Child Tax Credit amount (A.9257-A, Ra);
    • $299 million in savings.
  • Creating a new Child Care Facility Capital Improvement tax credit to help childcare providers enhance and update facilities (A. 9264, Ra);
    • $250 million in savings.
  • Calling on the federal government to reinstate the Enhanced Child Tax Credit permanently (To be introduced, Ra);
    • This is to provide additional resources to reduce child poverty rates.
  • Increasing the State Earned Income Tax Credit amount from 30% to 45% (A.9258, Ra);
    • $386 million in savings.

Expanding Access to Early Childhood Education:

  • Universal pre-kindergarten (UPK) aid increase and program improvements (A.9128, Jensen)
    • Increasing state reimbursement rate to school districts for UPK students and expanding collaboration between school districts with childcare agencies.
    • Ensuring school districts and childcare agencies follow the same regulations regarding staffing ratios and class sizes.
    • Calling on the commissioner of education to streamline the hiring process for qualified UPK teachers and minimize the costs for new and existing programs.

Increasing Accessibility and Tackling Affordability

  • Increasing provider options by adopting regulations to establish a model for childcare that includes hours outside of traditional day care models such as nights and weekends (A.9126, Jensen);
  • Establishing a waiver to allow childcare to be provided in the home to multiple families as an unlicensed and unregulated day care setting to encourage and facilitate parental choice (To be introduced, Gandolfo);
  • Implementing an eligible substitute childcare database for childcare providers when in need of coverage or support, (A.6071, Slater);
  • Instituting a regional cost factor for childcare subsidies by regions across the state (To be introduced, Gandolfo);
  • Conducting a new study to examine existing state barriers that prevent the new creation of providers (A.8969, Maher).

Assemblyman Joseph Giglio represents the 148th District, which consists of all of Cattaraugus and Allegany counties and portions of Steuben County as well. For more information, visit Assemblyman Giglio’s Official Website.

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