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Unveiling the Shadows: Inside New Era Paranormal Investigations

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Their mission remains clear: To unravel the mysteries of the unknown, one encounter at a time

By: Johanna Elattar, pictured at the Iron Island Museum are JD Currie, Alex McGill, Adam Stainsby, Kristina, and Sebastian Fizzcuzzio, Brooke Pryzstal (owner of the Wildwood Sanitarium) and Zach Clarke

In the realm where the tangible meets the ethereal, a group of dedicated seekers roams, delving into the mysteries of the unknown. New Era Paranormal Investigations (NEPI) is not just a group; it’s a beacon for those who seek to understand the unexplainable. Recently, I had the privilege to sit down with NEPI’s founder, J.D. Currie, and one of its seasoned investigators, Alex McGill, to unravel the enigma behind their extraordinary pursuits.

For J.D. Currie, the journey into the paranormal began in childhood, where he grew up in a house where the supernatural was more than mere folklore; it was a tangible presence. Raised in the midst of inexplicable occurrences, his curiosity was piqued, nurtured further by his mother’s keen interest in the paranormal. This early exposure laid the foundation for Currie’s lifelong fascination and eventual founding of a paranormal group in Alfred, NY.

Over the years, NEPI has explored numerous haunted locales across Steuben County and beyond, encountering a tapestry of spectral phenomena. From shadowy figures to disembodied voices, their investigations have traversed the spectrum of the supernatural. One particularly poignant encounter involved the spirit of a young girl, her innocent presence haunting the halls of a house, forever bound to the earthly plane.

In another chilling episode, NEPI ventured into an antique store in Hornell, where the spirit of a Civil War soldier, Seth, made his presence known with a startling display of poltergeist activity. Such encounters are not uncommon for NEPI, whose fearless pursuit of the unknown often leads them into the heart of history’s lingering echoes.

Among their most notable investigations stands the Gates House, a historic dwelling in Warsaw with a rich and storied past. Once a refuge along the Underground Railroad, its walls whisper secrets of courage and sacrifice. Now, NEPI plans to unveil these secrets to the public, offering paranormal tours that promise to immerse visitors in the spectral tapestry of the past.

But NEPI’s endeavors extend beyond mere exploration; they employ a myriad of techniques to commune with the other side. From the Estes Method to EVPs and EMFs, their arsenal is as diverse as the phenomena they seek to unravel. The Estes Method, in particular, has garnered attention for its innovative approach, employing sensory deprivation to enhance communication with potential spirits.

However, NEPI’s methodology is not limited to technological gadgets; they approach each investigation with a discerning eye, exploring natural explanations before attributing phenomena to the paranormal. Their commitment to credibility is unwavering, as evidenced by their unedited videos and meticulous blind walkthroughs of haunted locations.

Central to NEPI’s ethos is respect—for the spirits they encounter, the locations they investigate, and the people they assist. Their dedication to understanding and empathy shines through in every interaction, fostering trust and camaraderie within their community.

With twenty members and growing, NEPI remains at the forefront of paranormal exploration, welcoming new seekers into their fold with open arms. Their collaborative spirit extends beyond their own group, as they forge alliances with other paranormal enthusiasts in pursuit of a common goal—to shed light on the shadows that lurk beyond the veil of reality.

As NEPI prepares to embark on new ventures, from paranormal conventions to expanded investigations, their mission remains clear: to unravel the mysteries of the unknown, one encounter at a time. For those who dare to peer into the abyss, New Era Paranormal Investigations beckons—an invitation to journey beyond the realms of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

If you’re drawn to the enigmatic world of the paranormal, look no further than NEPI. Reach out to them on Facebook, and join the ranks of those who seek to unravel the mysteries of the unseen.

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