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By Craig Braack

Please, don’t feed the Whitesville bear

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Local black bear has emerged from his tupor and loves town life

By Andrew Harris

Spring is in the air, and our local bear population is out and about, especially in Whitesville NY. Locals have been sharing the warning posted above in an attempt to stop locals from feeding the animal.

Whitesville’s top forger, Seth Boehnke, had this to say:

“….just a black bear, been in town since the creek last flooded. Won’t go to the woods because folks feed it, idiots.”

Photo by Chuck Wiser(taken in Scio)

Town Supervisor Jeri Reichman is also concerned that someone will be harmed by enticing the bear, even by accident:

“Bears are very hungry this time of year and may leave havoc in their wake. Best to take down bird feeders, secure garbage cans, and watch small children carefully in at night. And keep your distance!”

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