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Arkport Drama Club returns with the “Wizard of Oz”

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Performance receives rave reviews from the community

Pictured: Gloriana Phelps (5th) as Dorothy, Brogan Walsh (3rd) as Tinman, Ailey Cartella (4th) as Cowardly Lion, Brailynn Fox (6th) as Scarecrow, and Isla Feenaughty (3rd) as Toto!

A return to tradition, The Arkport Central School Elementary Drama Club made a triumphant return to musical theater this weekend in an outstanding production of The Magical Land of Oz. Cast and Crew were comprised of 3-6th graders.

Katie Muhleisen’s (6th) as Wicked Witch and Gianna McWeeney (5th) as Glinda. The cast and crew included 46 elementary students.

Sound and lighting was done by Kian (8th grade) and Kelan (5th) Cartella and Connor Mix (8th). They were awesome!

The piano accompaniment by Kathryn Crowell (physical education teacher) that was a big surprise for everyone.

Meghan Dwyer directed (ACS Staff), choreographed by Tara Phelps (outside volunteer), and assisted by Amy Harris, Kyleigh Rectenwald (school counselors) and Kimberly Holbrook (ACS staff). The entire school incredibly proud of the kids… we’ve had amazing reviews!

Lisa Hill-Groff had this to say:

“Thanks for bringing theatre back to Arkport! Mr. Locke would be so proud. The cast and crew were all amazing tonight at the show!

Shannon Day-Smith raved:

“Fantastic job! Such a great show! Everyone did so well!!”

Terry Pullman was thrilled:

“We loved the show! Great job!”

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