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Steuben County Legislator will serve three-months probation for soliciting a prostitute

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Steven Maio represents the city of Corning NY on the Steuben County Legislature

Michael T. Baldwin Reports, photo from WETM Channel 18

A Steuben County Legislator will serve a three-month term of probation. Steven Maio, a Democrat who represents Corning, received the judgement after pleading guilty in April to solicitation of a person for prostitution.

Maio refuses to resign and blasted District Attorney Brooks Baker for seeking a 54-count indictment. In a statement released to 18News, Baker said “Mr. Maio has the right to say whatever he chooses; my job is to prosecute crime.  I don’t know if the guilty plea that Mr. Maio accepted warrants removal from office, that is not my concern.  As far as overcharging the case…the defendants pleaded guilty to the top count of each indictment that they were charged with.”

This wasn’t the only prostitution related legal trouble Maio was in as of late. He and four other men were arrested and indicted for operating a prostitution ring. WETM reported on this in 2020:

In December 2020, Steuben County Democrats issued this statement on Facebook regarding Maio’s arrest:

“We were deeply troubled and even more deeply saddened to hear that Steuben County Legislator Steven Maio has been charged in connection to an investigation into a sex trafficking ring. Although in America our system of justice says you are innocent until proven guilty, these charges are extremely serious and disheartening. We as leaders of the Steuben County Democratic Party call upon Steven Maio to examine his heart and determine if, by his action or inaction, he is doing the right thing for his family, his county and the people he serves by continuing to serve as a County Legislator. We sincerely hope Steven Maio makes the right decision, which at this time only he can make, for the good of all parties involved. As Leaders of the Democratic Party in Steuben County we are deeply saddened to have to comment on this matter; particularly at this difficult time while dealing with a pandemic and hoping that we all stay safe this Christmas Season.” – Shawn Hogan, Margie Lawlor, Hilda Lando

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