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By Deanna Fanton

Crosby Street in Hornell paving complete

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Mitch Cornish: “It was quite an undertaking to minimize disruption”

Mayor Buckley: “I’ve already alerted the police department to be vigilant for speeding”

8th and 9th ward residents have reason to celebrate as the City of Hornell successfully concluded a significant paving project on Crosby St. Paving on O’Conner Ave., Orchard St., Rose Ave., and West VanScoter St. has also been completed, bringing further improvements to the area.

“The paving on Crosby Street required a bit more planning due to its considerable length and heavy traffic, including large equipment. It was quite an undertaking to minimize disruption. We coordinated with the Lippincott’s Rubbish, the school district, and a door-to-door with residents to ensure minimal service disruption,” explained Mitchell Cornish, Public Works Superintendent. “We managed to keep the project to just three days, with the milling and paving occurring concurrently to expedite the completion of the milling and paving. We also coordinated completion of paving on O’Conner Ave., Orchard St., Rose Ave,. and West VanScoter St., for optimal time and equipment management” continued Cornish.

Mayor John Buckley said, “We were able to kick off the summer paving season with this large project on Crosby St. I would like to express my gratitude for the hard work from our public works department. They not only planned and coordinated the project, but also ensured that the infrastructure and surface were adequately prepared ahead of time. I would also like to thank Alderman Bassage and Alderman Colluci for going door-to-door to inform residents and providing an outline of the plan. While we understand these projects are never easy on those directly impacted, the end result is worth it. We appreciate the cooperation and patience of the residents while this work was completed.”

8th-Ward Alderman Jim Bassage expressed his enthusiasm for the completion of the paving project, stating, “the condition of Crosby Street has been an issue for a great many years. I commend the City for finding a solution to address the street’s condition. The milling and paving of Crosby Street is a highly positive development that will effectively addresses many concerns and complaints that have been made over the years.”

9th-Ward Alderman Bob Colucci was similarly excited, “Crosby Street is like only a few other streets in the City; it’s a vital link to the towns to the west of our city, providing many commuters an alternate route to Alfred and Andover. It also handles heavy commercial and agricultural traffic, and is an important route for first responders providing emergency services. I am thankful for the decision to undertake the milling and repaving. I’d like to thank the DPW, and paving contractor Dolomite for a job well done. I’d also like to add that there is a new generation of children living on Crosby Street and remind people to obey the speed limit and watch out for them.”

Mayor Buckley echoed the concern regarding speeding vehicles, “I’ve already alerted the police department to be vigilant for speeding, now that the paving is completed.”

As paving season continues, the City looks towards the 1st Ward as paving is next planned for Thacher St., Kansas Ave., and Irving Place. This scheduled paving will occur in a traditional manner and information will be forthcoming.

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